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All the benefits of Spanish group courses at EUROACE:

While we also offer both online and private classes, it’s hard to compare the quality of learning as the possibilities are endless with our group sessions! There are always so many activities and ideas to incorporate into each class.

This blog dives into the top reasons why group Spanish lessons are the way to go, which are definitely not limited to just academic advantages, we also take into account the social side of things. Keep reading to find out all about what group classes can do for your Spanish journey!


No excuses

This one for us is probably the biggest advantage of group classes. Having a group that relies on you to be there definitely adds to your commitment and level of attendance. For example, if you just join private classes then its easier to just ring up and cancel them on the days you don’t feel motivated. If you enroll onto a group course, your classmates and your teacher are relying on you to be there!

Another cool thing about group classes are the type of people you meet. You and your classmates already have something in common by wanting to learn Spanish, so you can always meet up after class and hang out to create stronger relationships with them.


Interactive classes

Learning Spanish in a group environment means more interactive activities. Here are some ideas just off the top of our heads: You can participate in debates, role plays and even team games to strengthen your speaking abilities in Spanish. Solo learning can get a bit boring and lonely if there’s never anyone to share your ideas and opinions with. The good thing about group classes is that it gives you confidence to talk in Spanish with other people who are on the same level and wavelength as you. As well as this, you’re in a safe and positive environment to practice all of your skills.

We have seen at first hand how students forget they are learning and really enjoy the experience. Our students sometimes don’t realize it, but while they are busy responding to classmates’ ideas they are improving their communication abilities in Spanish with a diverse range of people.


Better prices

There aren’t many students that don’t have other responsibilities such as work, family  and even other studies. Studying a language isn’t the cheapest thing you can do and for this reason group Spanish classes definitely come at a cheaper rate.  More affordable classes mean less pressure and avoids you having to folk out a big sum of money upfront.


An engaging and dynamic environment

Have you ever tried learning a language and got to a point where its just become boring and dull? This is why group courses are the way to go. If studying becomes interactive, fun, and varied – you are more likely to want to do more! For us, learning a language must be enjoyable in all aspects so you really stick with it and start improving as a result.

Enjoyment and interest are key factors for language retention. Learning a language must be enjoyable so you stick at it and you improve, if not, you are more likely to give up, get frustrated, and delay your learning. Group classes provide all of these things and more!

The social aspect

It’s more often that not that our international students who come to Valencia travel alone and hardly know anybody in the city. This is the same for our students who move to Valencia to work remotely or even in the city. Group courses enable these people not only meet but also connect with others who are in the same boat as them.

International Spanish schools attract students from  all over the world and this means you will most definitely need to speak in your new language to get to know your classmates. It’s a great incentive to really put your Spanish skills to work and get to know your classmates better! There is no doubt that multicultural classrooms bring fresh ideas, different points of view, and lots of cultural learning too.


Euroace offers a range of group courses for anyone interested in learning Spanish in a dynamic and vibrant setting. To find out more about our courses please click here 





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