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Making international internships possible for 16 years and counting!
EUROACE internships encompass a diverse range of industries and sectors thanks to our vast network of partners – making sure we bring you the best internship opportunities in Spain.

EUROACE Internships guarantee:

  • An internship in your chosen industry or field of study
  • An internship that fulfils your personal requirements (e.g. duration / location), academic requirements (e.g. credits), and/or professional requirements (e.g. research studies / skills development)
  • An international workforce bringing a global perspective
  • Applying your studies to real world practice
  • Multilingual placements available (English, Spanish, and more)
  • Your own assigned Internship Supervisor
  • Full learning and career support from the EUROACE team
  • A once in a lifetime professional opportunity!

Why should I intern abroad?

Here are the top ten benefits of interning abroad based on our alumni feedback:
  1. Build up your resumé and stand out when applying for jobs 
  2. Enhance your professional network
  3. Learn from professionals who are already succeeding in your industry on a global level
  4. Learn new methods, skills and techniques used by international companies
  5. Work in a multicultural environment
  6. Improve your Spanish 
  7. Travel abroad and explore a new country and culture
  8. Check off academic requirements
  9. Personal growth and confidence boost
  10. Truly unique experience that none of your classmates will have had

Fun youth education placement

"Now I’m working with kids, I help them with homework, and practice English and Spanish with them. I’ve got a really good connection with the people I work with and I don’t think of them as my bosses, more like friends!"

Alejandro, USA

Internship student

Internship in Valencia

"I would definitely recommend doing an internship in Valencia! I am enjoying my time here. The city is amazing, my internship is great, and I'm learning a lot from my colleagues every day".

Katie, Canada

Internship student

Placement in specific sector

"Not only did I attend classes through Euroace, but I was also placed in an internship. I am an advertising major with a minor in Health communications and Health education to hopefully go into medical device sales. I was placed with a Medical device sales company called Imeos. Furthermore, I am still in touch with those coworkers today, and absolutely loved working for them!"

Avery, USA

Internship & Spanish student

Comprehensive experience

"To be honest, it has been more than I expected because I didn’t think I was going to study the methodology and structure of the company! This really helped me understand how the company operates and why are they successful, and gave me a lot of knowledge for my future professional career. Also, I always received feedback on my work which is crucial for developing my way of thinking and other skills necessary for my career. "

Mikha, Georgia

Internship student

International internship experience

"I chose to intern in Spain because I wanted to practice my Spanish and also do something productive for my career at the same time. As an intern I was responsible for conducting market research in different international markets suitable for my company to expand to. I also translated company presentations and documents into English and assisted my boss with several other tasks throughout the week. It was a great experience and I definitely learnt a lot working with an international company. "

Chloe, USA

Internship student

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