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Specific Spanish Courses

Are you looking for a Spanish course based on a specific topic or field of study?

Our Specific Spanish courses focus on certain subject areas, offering tailor-made courses to meet your personal requirements.

Specific Spanish

Our Specific Spanish courses cover a range of fields, including but not limited to:
  • Spanish Literature
  • Spanish Phonetics
  • Spanish Culture & Civilization
  • Spanish History
  • Translation (Spanish-English)
  • Business Spanish
  • Medical Spanish
  • Spanish for Specific Purposes e.g. Football coaching
  • Preparation for DELE examinations
  • Preparation for specific examination exercises e.g. oral test
  • Graphic Design and Web Programming on Idecrea. Escuela de diseño y creación digital
Our Specific Spanish courses guarantee:

Subject-specific Spanish tailored to meet your requirements

Skilled native Spanish teacher

Practical classroom activities relating language foci to contextual situations

Flexible schedule: duration of course, number of hours per week and timetable all determined by the group

You’ll need to consider the following when applying for your Specific Spanish course:
  • Course objectives- tell us your goals
  • Time of day – tell us what time of day suits you
  • Number of weekly classes – you determine the course intensity
  • Duration of Spanish course – you choose start and end dates
  • Specific language foci – tell us your language objectives
  • Any extra activities or visits – may be included as they relate to course subjects
Spanish Course Syllabus (Level A2/B1) – 22,5 hours per week

Week 1:

  • Day 1: Course introduction. Review of basic grammar and essential vocabulary. Icebreaker activities to encourage communication.
  • Day 2: Focus on past tense verbs. Conversation exercises using personal narratives.
  • Day 3: Lesson on everyday expressions and Spanish idioms. Practice through dialogues and role-playing.
  • Day 4: Lesson about Spanish culture and geography. Use of multimedia to explore different regions of Spain.
  • Day 5: Review session and assessment through games and playful activities.

Week 2:

  • Day 6: Understanding and using expressions for everyday situations (restaurants, shopping, transport).
  • Day 7: Introduction to Spanish literature with short readings and discussion.
  • Day 8: Spanish film class: viewing and discussion of a short film.
  • Day 9: Conversation about current topics in Spain. Use of newspapers and digital media.
  • Day 10: Final evaluation and closing activity: oral presentations on cultural experiences in Valencia.

Cultural Activities in Valencia (10 Hours)

  • Guided tour of Valencia’s historic center: Exploration of the city’s architecture and history.
  • Spanish cooking workshop: Preparation and tasting of typical Valencian dishes.
  • Tour of the Central Market: Learning vocabulary related to food and practicing conversation with local vendors.
  • Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia: Analysis of art works and discussion in Spanish.
  • Flamenco night: Attendance at a flamenco show with a brief introduction to its history and cultural relevance.


Course Description

This intensive two-week Spanish course, suitable for students at A2/B1 level, offers complete immersion in the Spanish language and culture. Designed to enhance fluency and understanding of Spanish, the course combines interactive grammar and vocabulary lessons with cultural activities in the heart of Valencia. Students will have the opportunity to practice Spanish in real contexts and learn about the rich history and traditions of Spain. The course is complemented by unique cultural experiences, from cooking workshops to museum visits and flamenco shows, which not only enrich language learning but also allow students to deeply immerse in local Valencian life. This course is perfect for those who want to combine learning Spanish with an authentic cultural adventure in Spain!

(*For participants of Bildungsurlaub the optional cultural and historical lessons offered in the afternoon are obligatory to come to the required 30 weekly lessons)»

Each professional field requires specific vocabulary; it’s another language in itself!

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