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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Valencia

The official celebration of love and affection is very nearly upon us – a day where feelings are expressed through cards, gifts, flowers and romantic gestures. Valentines Day, celebrated on the 14th of February is a global holiday celebrated by people of all ages and cultures. For people who are in relationships or for those who aren’t, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to cherish all of the relationships that enrich our lives, it’s a day to spread love, kindness and appreciation to those who matter most. 


As well as spreading love through materialistic things, Valentine’s Day can also be enjoyed through unique and beautiful places, plans and events. Valencia is the perfect place to celebrate this day of love as it’s always booming with vibrant and aesthetically pleasing places to enjoy.


This blog will help you choose some great places to disconnect and celebrate with your loved ones. Keep reading for the top recommendations for how to enjoy Valentine’s Day to the max!


Watch the sunset in the Albufera

Whether you fancy taking a boat trip on the Albufera river or just talking a walk on the beach, the sunset here simply can’t be missed. You can enjoy the silhouettes of the mountains as well as the diverse range of wildlife here. A great idea would be to pack some snacks and beverages and go a bit earlier so you get a great spot. Afterwards you could enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the waterside restaurants offering fresh seafood and traditional Valencian cuisine.


Do a wine tasting tour

If you want to enjoy a fun activity and be a bit more active then a wine tasting tour could be right up your street. Embark on a romantic wine tasting tour of Valencia’s picturesque vineyards. Sample a selection of locally-produced wines, learn about the region’s winemaking traditions, and enjoy scenic views of rolling hills and vine-covered landscapes. If you don’t fancy going all the way to vineyard, there some wineries dotted around the city where you can enjoy a nice meal accompanied by a variety of wines so you still have the real experience.


Relax with a Spa day

Indulge in a day of relaxation and pampering at one of Valencia’s luxurious spas. Although this option may be a bit more expensive, it’s definitely worth it if you’d like to treat your partner or friends to a bit of selfcare and pampering. Some ideas include: A couples massage, a soothing hot tub soak, or even just enjoying the spa circuit as it is. Sometimes nothing beats the traditional way to wind down and relax!



Admire the City of Arts & Sciences

Without choosing favorites, the city of Arts & Sciences is hard to top with its beautiful structure and views. What’s more is that there are a number of things to enjoy both inside and outside of the building, all perfect for celebrating Valentines Day.

For example, «L’hemisferic» is showing a powerful and fascinating story about the secrets of the universe in its cinema throughout February, the perfect excuse to snuggle up with some snacks and learn about our world and its planets. Another idea is to enjoy the arts & sciences from the outside by renting one of the transparent kayaks, small boats or step pedals. You can enjoy this for little money and its definitely romantic and intimate for those who aren’t up for grand gestures!



Grab a drink in the old town

Maybe the easiest plan to organize but definitely the most classic. Valencia’s old town is full of bars and spaces with great cocktails, affordable tapas dishes and delicious dessert shops, meaning its perfect for anyone who wants to walk the streets with their loved ones and be spontaneous. It’s not always necessary to make plans in advance and Valencia is a city you can enjoy at any time, day or night.


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