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Spanish Courses

EUROACE Spanish courses are interactive and dynamic which makes our learning experience an enjoyable and effective one! Join our Spanish courses in Valencia or online and step on your Spanish journey with us.

All About Spanish

All of our Spanish courses teach students how to communicate in Spanish with confidence, accuracy and fluency. Our motto “All About Spanish” embodies our mission of not only teaching the language but immersing our students in it too.
We make sure our students walk away with new and improved Spanish skills as well as a greater knowledge of Spanish culture, history, traditions, and daily lifestyle!

For more details, check out our Spanish Course Descriptions right here.

What makes our Spanish Courses so effective?

Skilled Native Teachers

Our EUROACE Spanish teachers are:
  • all native
  • all professionally trained
  • all 100% dedicated to each individual student and their learning experience


Every EUROACE course follows a guided syllabus yet our teachers have the freedom to apply their skills and adapt class materials so they can effectively reach every individual student / student group.

Our teachers assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses from the start, as well as their goals and interests, to deliver classes as original and unique as each one of you!

Unique Teaching Approach


Our teaching approach is simple – we seek to make language assimilation as natural as possible.


How do we achieve this?
  1. We teach exclusively in Spanish to ensure our students are immersed in the language from day one.
  2. Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation are related to contextual situations to bring life to learning Spanish!
  3. Our students practice difficult concepts in familiar contexts.

We believe it’s our practical approach that makes learning Spanish enjoyable, an essential factor for language retention.

Our Ample Experience

Why does experience matter?

To piece it all together, it’s our experience of teaching Spanish to thousands of international students that really creates a strong foundation for success!

Our teaching experience means:

  • we know when to present the necessary tools at the appropriate times 
  • we know how to adapt classes to keep learning at the forefront
  • we understand that learning Spanish is an individual process
  • we focus on each student’s personal development throughout every course
  • we have fun while we’re doing it!

Spanish Course

"I think that my speaking skills improved the most – but also my grammar. Before taking a course with EUROACE I was only used to learning grammar from books. So I think it was really good for me to hear the grammar explained by a teacher and to understand it more easily".

Heinz, Switzerland


Intensive Spanish Course

"When I started the course I wasn't comfortable speaking Spanish at all but the classes and the friendly local staff helped me to learn more vocab and grammar, but mainly to build my confidence to speak Spanish!"

Kean, Singapore


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