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Internship Sectors

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We manage internship placements in a wide variety of sectors with leading companies across Spain. Our partnerships are constantly expanding so if you can’t find the sector you’re searching for, be sure to make an inquiry.

Internship Sectors


Among our most popular options are tax, labor and accounting consultancy firms as well as online platforms working in e-commerce and biotech innovation. Interns will be involved with supporting the department’s daily tasks, working on financial investment proposals, managing customer project operations, designing client presentations and preparing reports for senior management to name a few of the required responsibilities.


Agricultural firms local to Valencia will give interns the chance to learn about local production methods, operations management and logistics, and even delve into agricultural research and innovation. Market research, assisting the operations team and participating in the manufacturing processes will be some of the responsibilities required by the intern.


A unique opportunity to work in one of Valencia’s biggest museums. The internship will primarily be based on research, analysis of findings, and working closely with one of the main archaeologist’s at the museum specifically focusing on the skeletons of terrestrial animals.


Positions available in studios, agencies and firms working within different professional sectors such as: Architecture, Urbanism, Landscaping, Construction Management, Project Management, Industrial Design, Computer Graphics, Fine Arts, Media, Communications and Finance. Interns will support the team with their daily tasks and projects, related to their academic background, skills and goals. Opportunities will arise whereby the intern can get involved with field work, drawing up plans, creating demos and 3D images, conducting on-site meetings and developing assigned individual projects.


This sector can involve working in an art gallery or with international publication firms. The position will enable the student to use their creativity, learn about new design methods and forms of art, and experience the promotional side of such companies. The intern may get involved with marketing strategies and campaigns, graphic design, content creation as well as customer service in an art gallery.


With an extensive scope of business sectors, interns will gain invaluable work experience in sales, operations, accounting, finance or marketing. Interns will be working in companies across multiple industries including pharmacy, banking, tourism, sports, biotechnology, retail, transport, hospitality, gaming and more. Creating campaigns, developing business and marketing plans, working with logistics and operations management are some of the duties expected from interns in the business sector.


Various companies are looking for interns to work with their design department to produce creative, visually captive work. Industrial design, graphic design, interior design, fashion, photography, illustration, art, and architecture make up the areas the intern can work in when choosing this sector. Tasks will be related to marketing, creating campaigns, video and photo editing, and competent use of digital programs.


Taking a position in a school, kindergarten or after school center that offers bilingual Spanish and English education is provided in this sector. Students will be assisting both Spanish classroom teachers and English classroom teachers. The intern will get to assist with one-on-one reading, oral presentations, individual group work, and general management and operations at the school. The intern will also have the chance to support less able students and supervise students that require specific attention.


Opportunities to work in the renewable energy sector, research development and testing, and industrial maintenance. Responsibilities for this position will include prospective client outreach, conducting research and environmental reports, and even working at various plants and power stations.


Engineering companies are available in the following sectors: aeronautic, civil engineering, industrial engineering, food, plastic, steel, auto, railway, thermal solar energy, wind power, biomass, electronics, consultancy and turnkey projects. Interns will support and participate in different projects depending on their academic background and goals, and also based on the current projects being developed by the firm.


Entertainment firms and production companies in and around Valencia such as live music halls, acting schools and cultural organizations will offer internship positions based on different foci. Positions may vary from theater related work such as delivery of workshops, preparation of plays and performing in shows to more behind the scenes work such as event management, content creation, marketing and communications.


Fashion and textile companies specialized in high-quality brands, designer clothes, jewelry, traditional fabrics, shoes and trends can be applied for in this field. Interns will learn multiple tasks including the process of purchasing raw materials, they’ll get to be involved in the imports department (materials, textiles etc.), support the design and product department, provide cover across a variety of departments (textiles, design, collections, lab, laundry), and analyze processes and provide feedback.


Leading financial firms holding presence in Europe and the United States. Companies specialized in three areas are offered: Investment Banking, Asset Management and Multifamily Office. Interns will support financial investors and analysts in corporate transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, capital increases or IPOs. They will use their own educational background and newly acquired skills, to perform research, analysis of findings and reports.

Health sciences

Hospitals, health centers, physiotherapy clinics, and medical clinics are sites of interest in this field. Interns will assist in patient care, work with the diagnostic and treatment of pathologies, establish treatments and issue follow ups with patients. The intern will also help their supervisor in designing and improving the assistance process, as well as teaching/training and conducting rehabilitation exercises.

Human resources

Positions in training, development and recruitment consultancy firms. Working alongside leaders in cognitive transformation and working with multinational clients using cutting edge and innovative programs. Interns will be involved with some of the following: market research on services and products, issuing reports, publishing content, interviewing potential staff members and introducing protocol for their integration, designing training programs and developing company protocol.


ICT companies working at national and international levels are willing to accept interns for various roles. Companies in this sector provide services in programming, coding, design, strategic consulting in technology and business, technical training, process reengineering, IT infrastructure, integration of systems and technologies, digital and app development. Knowledge of specific programs and software may be required. Intern positions will be based on specific development of projects and maintenance of programs.

Lab / biomedicine

Lab positions in bioinformatics, human biology, plant biology and research centers are some of the opportunities offered in this sector. The intern will work directly with the lab team to collect, prepare and test samples, participate in experimental research, complete reports and reviews, as well as assist with the development of current projects, under supervision of their company mentor.


Interns will be able to work with law firms who offer legal advice to private clients,  family cases, financial institutions and more. Working with online law and consultancy firms are also an option. The position will include conducting follow ups on specified cases, developing legal documents, translating documents, attending trials, as well as supporting the administration team.


From freight transportation, warehousing and distribution to supply chain solutions, our partner companies cover it all. Interns will support planning work, coordinate projects and execute warehouse activities. Candidates may help their supervisor in the shipping, receiving, dock or blast areas also. Strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills are a plus in this secto


Marketing and Ads agencies specialized in social media, digital optimization (SEO/SEM), mobile developments and event management are open to candidates. Interns have a wide range of options available. They may help and support departments with app design and development, catalogues, video marketing, web design, digital communications, B2C and B2B marketing campaigns. The intern will gain experience with digital platforms, e-marketing, design, customer needs and negotiation. Sports marketing is a popular interest for our students.


Communications and media agencies, specialized in content and digital marketing for SMEs and start-ups have available intern positions. The companies generate powerful content, influential communication campaigns, and create great graphic design materials. The role calls for a combination of publishing, marketing, analytics, PR, communication and leadership. Interns will create specific content, develop and implement strategic plans, and support the communications team with multi media channels.


This sector offers a full range of opportunities, whether that be working in a human rights organization, working with underpriveliged youth, assisting organizations helping those with functional disabilities or even providing help to those at risk of social exclusion e.g. ex inmates and homeless populations. Interns will be required to generate social media impact, support day-to-day operations, update project data in the organization’s internal system, prepare documents, participate in activities and learn about the benefits these community organizations offer.

Public Relations & communications

PR and communications agencies offering personalized and strategic approaches to different industries. Some of these industries include marketing, media publication, and digital services.  Interns will participate in establishing brand credibility, brand awareness and market positioning, developing curated content for digital platforms, social media visibility, and printed press & media development. Additionally, some placements will involve coordinating media partnerships, hunting for a selection of niche brands and closing commercial agreements.


This field hosts a wide scope of research and development labs, companies and industries. From drones to chemical enterprises, engineering to labs, interns will gain unique project development opportunities. Particularly, the intern will support technical teams, report on efficiency and effectiveness, support design and manufacturing processes, research equipment improvements, provide data analysis, transform ideas and develop concepts into a reality.

Real Estate

Real estate agencies specialized in the high street and luxury sector, student apartment services and vacation rentals are some of the options here. The interns will identify customers, conduct market research, design specific experience packages, generate social media content, attend accommodation viewings and presentations, create new property campaigns and more.


A broad sector offering positions in coaching, training, sports management, marketing, sports science and performance analysis. Available placements in professional soccer clubs, basketball clubs and other sports teams. Also in sports management firms and rehabilitation clinics. Potential tasks may include managing social networks, identifying key media partners, identifying new business products and opportunities, evaluating sports performance, designing training plans, delivering physical training sessions and more. Positions and specified tasks for the intern will depend on their background, skills and goals.


This sector has a large scope of options related to technology from fintech, banking and insurance to large engineering firms, technological manufacturers, consultants and startups. The intern will be required to work on programming, coding, data analysis, developing technological solutions and supporting multiple departments in the firm. The position will require the use of background education, prior training and skills.


Travel, tourism and hospitality companies aiming to offer an unforgettable experience to all of their customers are available options in this sector. Their main goal is to convert conventional experiences into high quality service and an unforgettable stay in Valencia.  The interns will support the marketing and sales departments by defining targets, collaborating with media partners and developing communication channels. The position will involve resource management, bookings, customer requests and attention,  and analyzing all research to create a better customer experience.

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