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Welcome to EUROACE!

EUROACE (The European Association of Cultural Exchange) set out to enhance study abroad education in Spain through unique and enriching international programs more than 15 years ago! 
Founded and based in Valencia, Spain, we provide academic, professional, and cultural exchange programs for international students.
We are 100% committed to providing the best study abroad opportunities in Spain and in doing so, we hope to share the the beautiful Spanish language and culture with the rest of the world. 
Euroace team

Get to know us!

Isabel Torrecillas

CEO & Co-Founder

Isabel co-founded EUROACE more than 15 years ago and since then she has welcomed thousands of students through the EUROACE doors! When she's not managing our team, she enjoys cycling and being outdoors!

Estefanía Pedro

Director of Spanish & Co-Founder

Estefa is the Director of our Spanish school and has been teaching Spanish to international students even before EUROACE was founded! When she's not teaching you can find her spending time with her family!

José Antonio Cámara

Director of Programs & Co-Founder

José co-founded EUROACE and all of its academic and professional programs. When he's not in the office he loves to work out, watch sports, and spend time with friends and family!

Daniel Romero

Student Coordinator

Dani helps students with everything they need and makes sure they are well taken care of during their stay in Valencia! He's a big sports fan and also a fallero, so he will definitely fill you in on all you need to know about Valencia and its culture!

Santi Benard

Student Coordinator

Santi is from Bariloche, Argentina and joined Euroace in 2022! He studied Business Administration and enjoys combining these skills with his student coordinator role and meeting students from different countries! When he’s not in the office he likes to play video games.

Katia Pirozhenko

Student Coordinator

Katia, fluent in three languages, is passionate about exploring the world and connecting with people. In her work, she highlights spaces where culture flourishes and fosters unique connections among individuals, aiming to create a world guided by values of respect, empathy, solidarity, and cooperation.

Alex Pavlo

Student Coordinator

Originally from Wales with Greek Cypriot heritage, Alex has always been exposed to multicultural environments. Here at the office, she plays a crucial role in making sure all of our international students feel comfortable. Outside of work, Alex enjoys eating out, going to music festivals and travelling whenever she can. She looks forward to meeting you at EUROACE!

Giorgio Porzio

Student Coordinator

Giorgio, originally born in Newport, Rhode Island, USA, to Italian parents, has spent most of his life living in Valencia. At Euroace, he plays a key role in marketing and communication, where he generates innovative ideas to enhance the student experience. Giorgio is an early riser who enjoys staying active, and in his spare time, he pursues his passion as a DJ.

Alicia Sansaloni

Student Coordinator

Alicia is the sunshine of Euroace! When you visit the school, she is the first person you will meet. At reception, she always ensures to give a warm welcome for every student and assist them with any questions or concerns. In her spare time, she loves singing and dancing, and she’s highly passionate about traveling!

Paula Alquézar

Student Coordinator

Paula studied Advertising and PR and here she helps with the coordination between students and companies, but she is still a junior. In her free time, she helps at an animal shelter, does crafts, and enjoys watching TV series.

Lidia Ramírez

Spanish/English Teacher and School coordinator

Lidia combines teaching and coordinating students at EUROACE, so you might find her at the front desk or at some of your classes. She is from Valencia and is an enthusiast about its culture and history so she would love to tell you all about it. What she enjoys the most about working at EUROACE is that she can meet different people and learn about other cultures.

Laura García Galindo

Spanish Teacher

Laura is an organized and enthusiastic teacher who loves the challenges of working in a dynamic and fast paced working environment. When she's not teaching, she enjoys many hobbies, including traveling, hiking, and watching football.

Mila Cubillana

Spanish Teacher

Mila, originally hailing from Cádiz, a charming city in southern Spain, she finds joy in beach outings and maintains her fitness with a particular fondness for yoga. During her free time, Mila relishes in socializing with friends over tapas, savoring local cuisine, and embarking on adventures to immerse herself in diverse cultures.

Diana Maria Zavoianu

Spanish Teacher

Diana is a passionate Spanish teacher who brings lots of energy to her Spanish classes. When she's not teaching she loves to go hiking and discover new trails while being with friends!

Andrea Rubio

Spanish/English Teacher

Andrea is passionate about helping others and has found fulfillment through teaching Spanish and English. Her lessons are known for being dynamic, enjoyable, and centered around effective communication. During her leisure time, Andrea enjoys traveling, immersing herself in nature, and delving into a good book.

Rubén Lazaro

Spanish Teacher

Ruben is a native of Andalucía and brings this southern energy to his classes through fun and interactive classes, where he hopes to transmit the love of the Spanish language to his students! He loves to wake up early to exercise or do yoga, he's a big fan of climbing, and also loves to relax by spending time painting miniatures.

Alberto Rodríguez

Spanish Teacher

Alberto, originally from Tui, Galicia, is passionate about teaching Spanish. With teaching stints in Iceland, the US, and now in Valencia, he's an avid traveler and sports enthusiast. On weekends, he swaps teaching for refereeing basketball and enjoys the company of his three cats at home.

Cristina Penalva

Spanish Teacher

Cristina is a member of Euroace's teaching team, dedicated to fostering a supportive and enjoyable learning environment. Beyond the classroom, she finds relaxation at the beach with friends, often accompanied by a good book and her cherished dog.

How do we teach?

A few words from Estefanía, Director of Spanish
“We believe our students learn best through a practical and personal approach. At EUROACE we achieve this by teaching interactive and interesting classes, making sure they are specific to each student and student group.  
We rely on our experienced teachers to follow our general syllabus but we also adapt classes to the needs, interests and abilities of the students. Our students are the focal point. We try to understand their strengths and weaknesses from day one and build our classes with their success in mind.  
Personally, I love to teach in a practical way, teaching complex things like grammar, sentence structures, and pronunciation within context. This means students come away from the class with a better ability to use Spanish in everyday life, and they enjoy the process too!”

Why Valencia?

Valencia is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – if you don’t believe us, you’ll just have to come and see for yourself!
To describe Valencia in a few words is hard.  It’s Mediterranean location gives the whole city a beach vibe, not to mention the year round sunny weather, palm trees, and glorious beaches.
It boasts modern architecture alongside ancient monuments and classic buildings. Valencia is home to just under 1 million residents, giving it a cosmopolitan feel yet a feel for local Spanish life at the same time.
It’s a favorite among international students and there is so much to see and do when you visit Valencia!

Mission vision and values

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