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Accommodation is a huge part of making your Spanish experience more comfortable & more enjoyable.

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Accommodation Options

For a better idea of our options, check out our dossier.
Shared Apartment

Live in the city center alongside other students! Our shared apartments include:

Shared living facilities (kitchen, bathroom, common area) plus your own private bedroom

Single or double bedrooms available

Private bathrooms are available at an extra cost (only available in certain locations)

Number of roommates can range from 2 up to 6 roommates (depending on location)

International roommates bring a cultural living experience and a chance to make new friends in a new city!

Apartment location will be relative to your program location - we do our best to house you in a convenient and accessible part of the city

All apartments are kitted out meaning basic items are included (kitchen appliances and utensils, pillows, bed sheets etc.)

Apartments do not include personal items (e.g. bathroom products, towels, or cleaning supplies)

Host Family

If you’re looking to get more exposure to Spanish then living with a host family is the perfect compliment to your program! Our host family accommodation includes:

Trusted host families who are our friends and long-term partners

Families with ample experience hosting international students who understand cultural challenges and other difficulties faced by students living away from home

A pre-questionnaire to establish each student’s family and living preferences e.g. pets or no pets, kids or no kids, dietary requirements, hobbies and interests etc.

Private bedroom with shared living facilities is the norm but a private bathroom or a shared bedroom can be requested

Learn about Spanish culture, local cuisine and daily lifestyle with a host family specially selected for your stay

Hotel or Hostel

Choose your location and your living preferences and enjoy this flexible accommodation option!  Our hotel or hostel accommodation includes:

Services and amenities will depend on the location and type of guest house you select

Hotels and youth hostels available in the city, on the outskirts, by the beach or even in the winding streets of the old town

Meet your budget and preferences

Guaranteed comfort and flexibility during your stay - we speak to the accommodation staff to make sure your preferred dates are scheduled

All hostels include living facilities such as a kitchen with full cooking facilities, a dining room, a chill-out area, TV, free WiFi and more.

Hostel living is a fantastic way to meet new people and other travelers. Plus it’s affordable and flexible too.

All hotels include a private room with basics supplied such as towels, bed sheets and pillows, ironing board, hairdryer etc.

Hotel / hostel living comes with the ease of making friends with other travelers or a private living experience if you prefer

Single, double, or shared rooms available (varying quality and prices)

Accommodation Advice

Finding Accommodation

We are here to advise you on all the decisions you make and help you find the best accommodation services in the city. Finding good-quality and affordable accommodation in Valencia can be challenging, so students appreciate our assistance to avoid tourist traps and secure a trustworthy home during their stay.

Book in Advance

We advise you to contact us as early as possible to give you a better chance of securing accommodation. Note that summer is a very busy time, so contacting us in winter/ early spring is advisable for shared apartments. If choosing hotel/ hostel accommodation, again it’s best to contact us ahead of time. 

Host Family

If you are opting for a host family, be sure to fill out our pre-questionnaire as thoroughly as possible.

Shared Apartment

Please bring your own towels, bathroom products, and be ready to split the cost of certain cleaning products too (many of our apartments have a weekly cleaning service but sometimes extra cleaning is necessary!) 

Bring What You Need

A last word of advice. So many students comment on how they wish they’d brought less! Bring only what you need because you will surely want to buy new clothes and souvenirs while you’re here. Leave some room in your luggage!

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