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Plan your Gap Year

Now’s your chance to take some time out from school or work responsibilities, and embark on an experience you’ve always wanted to!

Explore a new culture, try out a new profession, serve the community, travel to new cities … the possibilities are endless. 

Popular Gap Year Programs

Internship & Host Family

Take an internship in your chosen field while living with a host family. The perfect program for professional development combined with cultural immersion.

Intensive Spanish Course & Host Family

Learn Spanish in Valencia on an intensive course and live with a host family during your stay. An excellent choice for rapid and effective language learning and full cultural immersion.

Volunteering & Activities & Host Family

Get involved with the local community and learn about Spanish culture at the same time. Enjoy lending a helping hand while also staying with a local family.

Sports Related Internship & Shared Apartment

Work in the sports industry via one of our top sports internship programs. Live with other students in a shared apartment for a wholesome experience.

Part-time Internship, Part-time Spanish & Host Family

Take this combined program to enhance your Spanish, develop your career skills, and get to know the local culture and lifestyle via host family living.

Full Immersion Program: Spanish Course, Activities & Host Family

A wholesome cultural immersion experience via language classes, activities centered on culture and history, and living with a local family in Valencia.

Gap Year services

All listed services can be taken as an individual program or combined to create a customized program of your choice.

Spanish Language Course

Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and use your gap year to improve your communication and comprehension skills. Group or private Spanish courses available. Learn Spanish via interactive and practical classroom exercises, from native teachers, and alongside other internationals for a culturally immersive experience. 


Intern with a Spanish company in your chosen sector. Spend your gap year gaining real world business experience and learning from experts in your field (or try out an entirely new field!). Opt for a full time or part time schedule – providing us with an updated CV/resumé and cover letter so we can find the best position for you. 


An opportunity to help those from underprivileged backgrounds and participate in developmental projects as part of the community and environment. An experiential learning program that will develop your skills as youabout non-profit global efforts. Popular volunteer programs include NGO’s, community outreach projects, environmental and conservation work, youth centers etc. 


Sports programs include training with a sports team, coaching in your preferred sport, and even interning with top sports organizations and clubs. Unique opportunities in sport mean developing your skills and making important connections . Sports programs can indeed be combined e.g. interning in sports marketing while sports coaching too, to make the most of the experience!


Activities related to Spanish culture, history, traditions, language, and more. Our activities usually take place once or twice per week during the summer and less frequently during the rest of the year. A great complementary feature to be added to another of our gap year services e.g. a Spanish course or Internship. 

Host Family

Live with a local Spanish host family and add a whole new level to your experience. A host family opens up the Spanish culture and daily lifestyle to you. Learn about local cuisine, traditions, and daily customs through sharing day to day life with locals. An excellent complement to other gap year services.

What to Expect?
  • An eye-opening experience as you get to know a foreign culture, meet new people, and explore different places.


  • To meet friendly locals as well as other international students.


  • Full support from our EUROACE team.


  • To experience culture shock yet so many new ways of life


  • Comfortable living with a host family or in a student apartment


  • A flexible program – making the most of tourism and sightseeing too!


  • New challenges, communication barriers and social novelties …leading to self discovery and learning opportunities! 
How to customize it?

All gap year programs are fully customizable to suit you, at no extra charge!

You will work with one of our EUROACE gap year advisors to select: 

  • Program start and end dates
  • Main gap year services 
      • (Spanish course, Internship, Volunteering)
  • Complementary gap year services 
      • (Activities, Part time Spanish)
  • Type of accommodation 
      • (Host Family or Student Apartment or Hotel/Hostel Living)
  • Duration of each service
      • (Services can have different durations e.g. 3 months Internship and 6 weeks Spanish course)
  • Arrival plans
      • (Airport pick up service required)
  • Payment plan

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