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Soccer Programs

Whether you are a player looking to improve your game in Spain, a coach wanting to learn more about the Spanish training model, or even someone looking to get into the business side of the game – our soccer programs offer unique experiences for all.
Soccer Programs

Soccer Programs in Spain

Our soccer programs bring you a variety of opportunities taking you one step closer to the world of Spanish soccer.
EUROACE is affiliated with local soccer clubs in and around the Valencia city area and local sports organizations working with soccer teams. Not to mention we partner with professional La Liga clubs to offer elite opportunities for young players, coaches, and students.
For more details on all of the soccer opportunities we provide, go to Soccer Programs.

Soccer & Spanish

I was part of the player program and I also took Spanish classes 3 times per week. This really helped me to get more confidence speaking Spanish and understand my coaches more. I feel like the combination of classes and training meant that I could improve more as a player as I improved my Spanish".

Sang Min, Korea

Player and student

Coaching program

"All the staff were very supportive and friendly. It was a unique experience! The players were very top level and it was great to get involved with them and observe the coaching staff and their training sessions. The most memorable part of my stay was being able to participate in the sessions with the 5 year olds working on their psychomotor development and technical skills. I learnt a lot about methodology during the program and will be able to transfer my knowledge to our academy in Japan. "

Shota, Japan


Elite player program

"I have improved my touch and technical ability a lot. I think i've also become a smarter player as a result of learning a new style of play and also training with older players. My advice would be to put in as much effort as possible. All the tools to succeed are available here but it's like everything else in that you get out what you put in. "

Kevin, USA


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