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Fallas are back!

After a long wait the famous Fallas festival returns this week to Valencia!

Here’s some more information on what the 2021 Fallas will bring, the events taking place across the city, and of course, the safety considerations that still need to be made.


The main traditional events that make up Las Fallas


This is when the Fallas (huge artistic monuments) are put up across the city! All the Fallas Infantiles (monuments as part of the children’s competition) must be up by 8am on Wednesday 1st September, while the big Fallas monuments must be hoisted and ready by Thursday 2nd September at the same time. To check out where the Fallas will be, take a look at the map.


One of the loudest and most exciting parts of the festival will not take place this year. There will be no mascletaes to avoid big crowds of people in the city center. Usually this spectacle takes place at the town hall square and involves fireworks and very loud gunpowder explosions. You will get to see (and hear) smaller mascletaes set off in local neighborhoods at different times throughout the festival.


This year the nighttime fireworks will not be taking place for the same reasons as the mascletà. It will be the different Fallas who will set off their own fireworks in their demarcations to avoid crowds of people in the same area.


Maybe the most emotive and anticipated event of the festival is when every Falla (neighborhood group) offer flowers to the Virgin in the Plaza del la Vírgen. It is a beautiful event that is usually open to the public but this year will only be open to the Fallas groups. The governing body will make sure the public cannot get to the main square so you can expect road closures in the city center, just to avoid a build-up of people in San Vicente Street, La Paz Street, and Plaza de la Vírgen.


This is the finale where we get to see the burning of the monuments! Traditionally, the Fallas Infantiles are burnt at 10pm and the Fallas Grandes at midnight. This year, due to the 1pm curfew, the Cremà has been rescheduled to 8:00pm and 10:00pm respectively.


More of what’s going on in the city

On Monday 30th it’s your last chance to see the Ninot Exhibition. A ninot is a character piece from the main monument that is exhibited to the public before it is added to the final construction. The Exhibition of the children’s ninots will close on Tuesday and for the main competition on Wednesday. So Monday is really your last chance to see the full exhibition! Exhibition located here.

On Tuesday 30th you’ll start to see more movement in the city. Street markets will be open to explore and food stands will be dotted around the city too. Make sure you try the typical pastries known as buñuelos which are famous to eat during Fallas!

From Wednesday to Saturday you can see the Mascletà at different points of the city. As we mentioned, there will not be a main Mascletà celebration in the center of the city, but smaller ones will be set off between 2pm to 3pm. So watch out for these!


Safety considerations

Last but not least, we must remind you to be safe and responsible during the celebrations! All the events will be under strict health and safety measures. People must wear a mask at events, even outdoors. This also affects the falleros and falleras who will be marching on the day of the Ofrenda.

What’s more, the curfew is still in place so people must be at home by 1am.
Fireworks and firecrackers are allowed from September 1st to September 5th but must be held no later than 10pm.

In terms of city traffic, from September 2nd at 4pm to September 6th at 4am, vehicles will not be allowed in the city center. Also street closures are to be expected in the city center and main streets due to tents being put up and monuments across the city as of Saturday 28th.

It’s important to note that all previous events, considerations and times can change due to the Covid-19 situation.


We wish you a great Fallas festival and hope you enjoy this wonderful traditional celebration in Valencia!

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