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The benefits of staying with a host family!

I’m sure a lot of you have thought about moving abroad to a different country plenty of times, but in regards to accommodation most would stay in a hotel or a private apartment during their experience. Have you ever thought about staying with a host family?


Embarking on a journey to a new destination brings with it a plethora of exciting possibilities, and one of the most enriching aspects of travel can be the opportunity to stay with a host family and fully integrate into a brand new culture!


In this blog post, we will explore the multiple benefits of choosing to stay with a host family during your travels.


Language Enhancement

For those looking to improve their Spanish language skills, staying with a host family is a language immersion program in itself. The best part is that you will have constant exposure to the local language, colloquial expressions, and everyday conversations, meaning your Spanish skills will improve rapidly as you won’t be distracted, if anything the opposite. The chance to practice Spanish all day, every day is rare and staying with a host family is one of the few ways you can do it!


Living like the locals

If you choose a homestay it really is a unique experience. You get to see at first-hand how the locals live: where they go, what they like to do and the habits and schedules they live by. For example, in Spain you will surely adjust to the different meal times and working hours of businesses. A local family can also teach you a traditional game, how to cook a special dish or introduce you to a local TV show or past time. It’s not something you’d get if you were to stay in a different type of accommodation. This type of cultural immersion gives you the chance to understand and participate in and understand this culture on a deeper level, something that everyone wants to experience whilst being in a new country!


Personalized Experience

Unlike the standardized experience of hotels, staying with a host family offers a personalized touch. Your hosts can tailor your experience based on your interests, providing recommendations and activities that align with your preferences. Most Spanish families would be delighted to sit down and a have a chat with you or recommend you some of the best things to do in Valencia! Although staying in a hotel or apartment can offer a sense of luxury, it is something you can do at anytime or anywhere, the host family experience is one in a million!


Homemade meals

This is definitely an important one amongst the foodies reading this blog.. If we think about what we like about our own homes, home cooked meals are usually at the top of the list! Instead of venturing to expensive restaurants or the usual food chains, staying with a host family can give you the chance to try special home dishes. You could also ask your family if they could show you some traditional Spanish recipes, that way you can learn cooking techniques and tips at first-hand in a traditional family environment.



A new Spanish family

Lastly and maybe the most important is the connections you make whilst staying with a host family. Living with a family creates strong bonds and even after the homestay has finished, leading to long lasting friendships and a network of connections that endure long after the journey concludes. You can keep in touch and go back to visit your family in the future and it’s a memory that will always stay close to your heart in the years to come.



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