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The 3 best towns to visit from Valencia!

As we enter 2024 we’re sure that most of you are already planning your trips and getaways in the summer sun, right? People often forget that traveling during the winter is just as inviting and sometimes less of a hassle to organize and plan. Winter travel can offer big benefits such as fewer crowds and lower prices, along with cultural festivities and celebrations, what’s not to love?


As one of the best connected cities in Spain with an abundance of historical, gastronomical and natural sights and activities nearby, Valencia is an ideal base from which to take a weekend trip and explore the little towns and municipalities in its region. Here are 3 of the best places to visit in the wider Valencia region. We’ve also included some recommendations on how you can enjoy your weekend trip to the absolute max!



Although this small town is famously known for an event held in the summer months called «La Tomatina» it is a very easy and pleasant place to take a weekend trip. If you’re a fan of nature and hiking then Buñol is the place for you. You can easily venture into the surrounding countryside, where the Sierra de dos Aguas offers breathtaking hiking trails and views of the picturesque landscapes.


The centre of Buñol also offers rich history and culture. A must visit is Buñol’s castle, which is located in the city centre of the town and is divided into two areas. The area around the castle offers panoramic views of the town and its surrounding areas. The best thing about traveling in the colder months is that you can capture the winter beauty of the town, if you go on a clear, winter day its impossible to miss the hazy mountains and scenic countryside.



Arguably one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, Xàtiva is known for its delicious gastronomy and outstanding naturescapes. The town’s hilltop castle, Castillo de Xàtiva, dominates the skyline and is the towns emblematic feature. This town is perfect to visit in any season and there is always a lot to do for tourists!


Something you cannot skip in Xàtiva is the necessity to indulge in Valencian cuisine at local restaurants. Be sure to try local dishes such as » arroz al horno» which is oven- baked rice and for dessert you can try «arnadí» a pudding made from pumpkin. Before you leave, we recommend making a few purchases so you can enjoy the flavours of Xàtiva at home. Make sure you get some green garlic, known as » ajos tiernos» which can be used to make all sorts of dishes, and a bottle (or two) of La Costera wine.


You won’t run out of things to do in this town as the possibilities of exploring are endless. We definitely recommend checking out the castle and on the way up to the hill, Sierra Vernissa, you’ll even discover ancient remains that date back to the Iberian and Roman periods! Xàtiva’s medevial streets in its old town also offer historical buildings, churches and charming squares such as Plaça del Mercat or Plaça de la Trinitat – don’t leave before checking them out!



Requena, a town located in the westernmost part of the Valencia region is known for its historical wine production and pretty streets. This one is definitely for the wine lovers and what better way to heat up on your weekend trip than with a nice glass of red, right?


This town is definitely special as it dates all the way back to the Iron Age as is evidenced in the archaeological excavations conducted in Barrio de la Villa, the old town. These remains are well worth a visit! The best place to go to soak up all the towns history is the historic centre of Requena, which was declared an historic and artistic conservation area in 1966. Make sure you take the time to visit San Nicolás church, a Neoclassical work of art, as well as Santa María and El Salvador churches, both of which are Gothic in style. The heart of the centre is Plaza de la Villa, which is currently known as Plaza de Albornoz.


Now let’s talk wine! To discover everything there is to know about the wine tradition here, a great option is to visit Caserío Rural de Sisternas. This space has over 5,000 objects that show what life used to be like in Requena and visitors can indulge in a wine tasting session that offers the chance to savor the rich flavors of the region’s wine.


Overall, traveling during the winter months can offer both a unique and appealing experience, all complete with fewer crowds, off peak prices and a lot of winter scenery. What are you waiting for?


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