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Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a cherished American holiday that brings together friends and family to express gratitude and share a bighearted meal. Rooted in historical significance, this holiday is a time for reflection, appreciation, and the celebration of longstanding traditions.



What are the origins of this festivity?

Thanksgiving finds its origins in a pivotal event in 1621 when Pilgrims and Native Americans gathered for a harvest feast, fostering a spirit of cooperation, unity, and gratitude. This gathering marked a significant moment of shared abundance and mutual respect, laying the foundation for the Thanksgiving traditions observed today. The celebration was a testament to the Pilgrims’ appreciation for the Native Americans’ guidance in agriculture and their gratitude for a successful harvest season amidst challenges. Over time, this historic feast evolved into an annual tradition of expressing thanks and celebrating the blessings of the year.

Since then, Thanksgiving is yearly celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. This day is considered a national holiday, bringing families together to express gratitude and share a traditional meal.



Modern-day Thanksgiving customs often involve a lavish meal, usually centered around a roasted turkey, accompanied by stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Families gather around the table, sharing stories, laughter, and expressing gratitude for the year’s blessings. The iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City and watching football games also mark this festive occasion.

At the heart of Thanksgiving is the spirit of gratitude. It’s a time to reflect on the positives in life, express appreciation for loved ones, and acknowledge the abundance in our lives. Many families have traditions of sharing what they are thankful for, reinforcing the importance of gratitude.

Beyond its historical roots, Thanksgiving has become a time to give back to the community. Many volunteer at shelters or participate in food drives to help those in need, emphasizing the importance of kindness and generosity.

As a conclusion, Thanksgiving serves as a reminder to pause and appreciate the blessings in our lives, celebrate the company of loved ones, and foster a spirit of gratitude. It embodies the values of unity, generosity, and reflection, making it a cherished and meaningful holiday for millions of people.


Euroace Upcoming Activity: Thanksgiving party!

We have organised an upcoming activity this Thursday – 23rd November – at EUROACE to celebrate Thanksgiving. The party will consist of a pot luck – all the students will bring something to eat or drink from their home country and all the dishes will be displayed to share for all the attendees. It will be a completely feast of international flavors!

To sign up for the activity, you can simply send us an email or come to reception!


For more updates on our upcoming activities, be sure to stay tuned through our Facebook and Instagram and TikTok pages!

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