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Q&A with Online Internship Supervisors


As our online internships have been a popular learning and career tool this year, we thought it would be a great idea to interview some of the companies who have taken on internsational interns. For some of them, it was a first. So let’s take a look at how successful their first run throughs were and whether the remote internships have been useful for them and also for their interns.


What type of company do you work for and how long have you been working in this industry?

Supervisor A: I am a lawyer who has been working in this industry for 24 years and now have my own law firm.

Supervisor B: We founded our company 5 years ago to produce a true natural and fresh product for cats and dogs.


Why are internship students important for your company?

Supervisor A: We really like taking on interns and if the interns who apply are from other countries this is great because they contribute their point of view of law basing it on the laws of their different countries of origin. It’s interesting and insightful to work with foreign students.

Supervisor B: Interns provide help in key projects that are lagging traction for several reasons. There could be products to be published on distinct channels or a piece of research to be done among certain types of provider. It typically requires time and focus so an intern is a very useful part of our team when it comes to progressing our ideas and research.


Do you think internships are important for career development?

Supervisor A: Without a doubt, putting theoretical knowledge into practice serves to better function in the future practice of law. It’s essential in our field.

Supervisor B: I definitely think so. Jumping from the book to a running business can be eye opening as well as a very rewarding experience. I think it can propel the interest students have in their own subjects of study.


How much experience have you had working with international interns?

Supervisor A: I have been collaborating with EUROACE for perhaps three years so I am quite used to working alongside international students.

Supervisor B: It’s been about three years since we started regularly having short term interns.


What are the advantages of working with international interns?

Supervisor A: The main advantage for me is the exchange of legal knowledge with the use of English. It’s important to be able to communicate in your field on an international level so English communication is so important.

Supervisor B: International interns have access to other markets where they reside and this could be a source of inspiration. It also helps the team to engage in a different language, which they truly appreciate and have fun with.


What advice would you give a student who wants to take an international internship?

Supervisor A: I believe it is a very positive experience for professional development and growth.

Supervisor B: Bring the motivation with you. Express what you expect from the experience in the first moment and look to share feedback so you get it – in the end this is something that should be valuable both for the company you help and for you. Also, I would say make sure you get familiar with today’s digital tools: skype, wiki, collaborative documentation, office 365, etc.


From your experience, how can international interns benefit from the experience?

Supervisor A: They benefit because they visit the courtrooms of the Spanish courts, the College of Anogates of Valencia, the Mediation Center of the Illustrious College of Lawyers, the different courts of the judicial parties etc.

Supervisor B: By truly taking part in real projects that make a difference for the company. We’ve got a number of examples – the last intern who worked for us uploaded 50+ products on two different marketplaces over the course of 6 weeks. By week 7 these products were already producing sales and she managed to close the circle. From planning to action to reward.


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