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Study Abroad & Intern While You’re there!

Taking a gap year or a few months to study abroad will be what you make of it! You can select a preplanned study abroad program to guide you or opt for a go-solo adventure and see what comes up along the way!

For most, a basic plan is a good idea so that traveling can be enjoyed yet time can also be used productively. Let’s talk about study abroad opportunities and why adding an internship could be the perfect compliment to your experience …


Study Abroad in Spain

Many students taking study abroad programs in Spain will be looking to improve their Spanish language skills to help with their studies and their travel experiences. Learning Spanish in Spain is the perfect way to not only get to grips with the language and the pronunciation but also learn about the culture and lifestyle of the Spanish people. From Madrid and Barcelona, to Sevilla and Valencia – there are so many spectacular programs to choose from!


Personal & Professional Growth

Studying abroad is a fantastic way to face new challenges and grow on a personal level! Confidence, independence, self-esteem and motivation are just some of the qualities past students say were big improvements they made personally. But what about professionally too?

Taking an internship abroad is a huge opportunity to grow professionally. Improving your career skills on your travels is an awesome way to take advantage of the experience. Part time internships are certainly available for those who also like traveling or are combining with other programs. In the end, you’ll get to experience the world of business in a completely new culture – which is sure to open your mind to even greater possibilities.


Interning Abroad

Maybe not something you considered at first, yet it could definitely add some extra perks:

  • Differentiate: By boosting your resumé and showing employers that you are willing to take on challenges and branch out! Also, work experience in a different language is a great skill to display showing your ability to communicate with different markets.
  • Understanding: Gaining an understanding of different corporate cultures goes a long way when working with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Also when making international sales and working on global expansion projects.
  • Connect: Making international friends and broadening your professional network are huge pluses to an international internship.
  • Inspiration: If getting away from your field is a reason for your travels, you can always step into something new. After all, in another country nobody knows your skill set. It may be time to discover a new passion and help you decide on a new career path.
  • Skills: Learning new skills, methods and techniques from expert professionals is of course one of the main benefits of taking an internship in a top Spanish company.


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