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Student Interview: From Asia to Spain to Learn Spanish

We had the privelige of hosting Pichaya, a student from Thailand who came to Spain to learn Spanish with us on our Euroace group courses. She was our first Asian student to attend our Euroace classes after the lockdown.

Let’s see what she had to say about her Spanish experience…


1. You were originally supposed to join us in the spring semester, how did you feel when you weren’t able to come to Spain when you had planned to?

I was absolutely worried in the beginning. I really wanted to do this program to learn Spanish and be able to use it in the future. I also left my job to be able to do this program so I was flexible to go abroad. I found myself with nothing to do and that made me very bored every day and anxious to get to Spain!


2. At Euroace we allowed you to postpone the program and travel to Spain when it was safe to do so, did you consider canceling the program at any moment?

As I said before, I felt completely worried and sad. My initial plan was to study a Masters Degree in Gastronomy Science in Spain. I couldn’t believe it when Euroace confirmed that I could postpone my program without any extra costs. I was very grateful! Now I’m here in Spain and I will start my Gastronomic degree soon, so you can imagine how happy and relaxed I feel now about all this situation. 


3. Maybe you didn’t know but you are Euroace’s first student to come from Asia after the lockdown. How do you feel about it?

It’s a strange feeling! I know my features are asian and everybody on the streets look at me like wondering how I could come to Spain during the lockdown! Anyway I’m really happy to be in Valencia. I still remember how fast I got the Student’s Visa. As soon as I knew Spain opened the border to Thailand, I contacted the embassy and in just 2 weeks I was ready to fly. It was a quick process!

Finally I’m here in Valencia and I’m super glad despite it not being easy due to social distancing and following all the health rules.


4. Have you adjusted well to Spanish life?

It depends on the moment! In the beginning it was really difficult because of the language. My Spanish was really poor and sometimes it was difficult to understand local people, but luckily most of the time I could interact in English.

Now, thanks to Euroace my Spanish has improved a lot and I can speak and understand Spanish people much better than before. I have also made many many good friends at the school and that helped me a lot!


5. Since you arrived, have you felt safe in Valencia? Have you had any problems related with Covid-19 in Spain?

Yes, I feel safe. I have no problems to deal with the situation. I think that all can do is to protect ourselves. If you protect yourself and obey the rules, you won’t be infected, so you are helping to not transmit the virus. So by taking care of myself, I can protect the rest of the people too.


6. How is your Spanish course going? Have you noticed any improvement in your Spanish skills?

Now that I know that my Degree will start sooner than planned, I need to leave the Spanish course one month earlier, so Euroace gave me the chance to take Private lessons to make up all the group classes that I wouldn’t be able to take. In those private lessons I felt much more self-confident because I’m a little bit introvert and shy. Anyway, as I said before, my classmates became my friends, and I’m sharing an apartment with most of them, so I like the group lessons too.


7. Now you have been living in Spain for many weeks, do you think the alarm in the press about the Covid-19 situation in Spain is justified?

I think there’s no country around the world completely safe from Covid-19. All the economies are suffering the effects. It’s difficult to find the balance between sanitary and economic goals.

Regarding the situation in Spain, I heard real news and also a lot of fake news. I really don’t understand how people can trust some media and believe fake news before checking. The people need to stay calm but the government needs to help the people and not just let it get worse.


8. What would you say to other students who are thinking of studying Spanish in Spain?

My advice is don’t let the chance go. If you really want to do a program abroad, despite the restrictions, do it. Everywhere you go, companies, schools, stores…they have their own safety protocols. Follow them and make sure you take care of yourself and stay far from unnecessary risks and there won’t be any problem!


9. Have you made any trips in Spain so far?

Yes we went to Malaga. I went with some classmates and flatmates and we enjoyed a lot! The weather, the beach in Marbella, the fresh seafood… we had a great time there. Especially for me, because I’m a food lover, coming to Spain has been one of the best decisions of my life. Everywhere I go, they have their own different and unique type of food. It has been awesome so far!


10. Would you do it all again? Would you change anything? And what would you recommend to other students?

Of course! As I said, coming to Valencia was one of the best decisions of my life. I would recommend the city and the experience, and the Euroace school too. All the teachers, and the staff here are so nice and kind. Everyone tries to push and help me a lot to speak Spanish not only during the lessons! If there’s chance, I will come back for sure!


We are very grateful to Pichaya for answering our questions and for being a great Spanish student. To look at more student interviews, check out our website.

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