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Student Interview: Online Internships

After a very different spring and summer for all of us, one of our main concerns was not letting our students down. We understood the difficulties of making study abroad a possibility right from the beginning. That’s why we worked hard to transfer most of our programs to 100% online! After several months of work, we are so happy to say we have provided successful internship placements for our internship candidates and we feel happy that these online opportunities provided great benefits for them. 


We asked them a few questions about their online internship experiences and we wanted to share their stories with you:

Why did you decide to take an Online Internship with Euroace?

I was eagerly anticipating the end of the spring semester as I was planning on completing a study abroad program in Spain, where I would be able to practice my Spanish, learn about a new culture, and even be provided an opportunity to complete an internship with a local industry in Valencia, Spain. Needless to say, these plans were quickly canceled by mid-March, as the coronavirus continued to spread throughout the world. With the news that I wouldn’t be able to study abroad, I also realized that I had lost my summer internship, and immediately began searching for various job opportunities. By this point, almost every internship was either no longer accepting applications or cancelled. However, with assistance from the University, I was able to secure a virtual internship with Euroace. Although it would have been ideal to complete the internship in person, the online internship was an amazing opportunity which I was extremely excited to begin. – Student 1

Was it what you expected?

This summer internship has allowed me to experience working at a top sports organization in the world. The internship has provided me with the skills and experience that will translate to my future career and set me up for a career in the sports field after graduation.  Going into the internship, I wanted to learn more Spanish and about the culture, network with employees, and understand how they ended up there and the decisions that led them there. Lastly, understand how business is conducted at a professional sports organization. With the internship coming to completion, I have met many of the goals I had set out at the beginning of the summer. All the work I have done was so useful and allowed me to complete the goals I had set out for myself. – Student 2
This summer, working for my internship company, is something I will never forget. The combination of new knowledge and meeting great people really made my experience. Going into the internship, I laid out three goals: understanding Spanish culture, networking, and understanding the day to day operations of an international enterprise. I feel I have accomplished all of my goals. – Student 3

What did the Online Internship involve?

My professional experience with my internship company has been and will always be a useful tool for me. The intensive research tasks will play an important role as I further my career. The team meetings and the assignments will play vital roles in communication, leadership, and team work in the future. – Student 1
One of the roles I really enjoyed was speaking to the International Business Director about sponsorship deals, licensing agreements and expansion processes. My research tasks combined with this interview helped me to understand how the financial side works in a big enterprise. Understanding the ecosystem that you are operating in is crucial to your success. Talking with the director helped me to reach 2 of my goals: to network with people in the office and better understand how the business operates at the height of its industry. – Student 2
I worked as a marketing intern. The management team within this department was beyond helpful during this difficult summer. They provided me with a lot of guidance, and even with the time difference between the U.S. and Spain, any of my questions were always responded to very quickly. Despite this being a virtual internship, I was always treated like a valued member of the team. I was provided with ample opportunities to learn about the various jobs within different departments and their roles. I greatly looked forward to my weekly international calls with the other interns and various members of the staff. We were able to speak with many different team members from various departments, such as sport psychology, international business, content staff, and coaching staff. These calls enriched the depth of our departmental knowledge and at the same time, allowed us to see the interdepartmental coordination to support the overall mission. These video calls and analysis sessions were so beneficial. – Student 3

How would you sum up the experience?

I had probably one of the best experiences of my life. Not only did I have an amazing team, but I had an amazing growth- professionally and personally. I was such a different person from when I started about two months ago. The experience and knowledge I have gained this summer can be applied in my future career endeavors, and I plan on maintaining the relationships I have formed. – Student 1

I have worked as an intern in other companies previously, but I can say the internship was one of the most engaging, supportive, and interesting jobs I have ever done! My internship afforded me an opportunity to grow my skills as an
employee and matched my passion for sports with my desire to learn more about international business. Under extreme circumstances, my internship company worked hard to make sure that I was provided a fantastic opportunity to learn and improve my skills, while feeling like a valued member of the team, all while working halfway across the world. – Student 3

I would say it was very rewarding and even better than what I was expecting. I wouldn’t have been able to grow so much without the help of coworkers and especially my supervisor. Although I could not be in Spain, the program was set-up in a way where I felt I was involved and learned something new every week. – Student 2


Would you recommend an Online Internship to other young professionals and students?

I want to say thank you so much for this amazing and immense opportunity. I hope more students participate in this in the following years. I have great feedback for everything that I have experienced. – Student 2

Doing this project, I felt a sense of fulfilment, knowing that my research skills could contribute to the future success of the team. My supervisor advised me to pursue what I love doing. I don’t think you can be truly great at anything you don’t enjoy doing. It meant a lot he was willing to share that with me, and I’m going to remember that when I am making career decisions in the future. – Student 1
As I enter my final year of college, I feel excited to take the skills that I have learned from this internship to my studies, where I can continue to build upon them as I prepare to search for my full-time job. In the future, I am hopeful that I can work in international business or for an international non-profit. My internship l helped me gain international
sports marketing skills and a deeper understanding of international business that I would not have been able to have, had they not worked so hard to provide this online internship. I am so grateful for my online experience and the people. I was fortunate enough to meet and learn from. Their graciousness and support helped to make this difficult summer a very positive experience for me! Highly recommended experience. – Student 3

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