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Student Interview: Spanish and Coworking

We interviewed one of our Spanish students to find out about her experience and what it has been like to work remotely from Valencia. Aurelie is from Belgium and has a degree in Bioengineering. She has traveled to England and China for work, and is now working from Valencia, Spain. She decided to move to Valencia to work remotely since her job is online and she wanted to explore a new city! Here’s what she had to say…


Why did you choose the digital nomad lifestyle?

I like traveling and developing myself, the digital nomad lifestyle gives me the opportunity to choose where to live, to travel while working and to manage my own time more effectively. It’s fun!


Why Valencia specifically?

I have wanted to come to Spain for a while, I chose Valencia in order to stay out of the bigger and more hectic cities like Madrid and Barcelona. I like it here as there is a lot of culture and history to explore, there are lots of things happening, the weather is great and Valencia is a beach city.


How would you evaluate your learning experience taking classes at Euroace?

I am very satisfied with the Spanish lessons, the teachers are very professional. They focus on serious grammar and vocabulary content but also make the classes fun and enjoyable and we have lots of conversation. I like this a lot because after a month of classes I feel much more confident to speak in Spanish!


Why did you choose to come to Euroace?

I chose Euroace because it is in the same space as International Coworking Valencia. I was already working in the coworking area, and it worked out perfectly to add on Spanish classes during my breaks from work! I like Euroace for the great central location and the good mix of foreign students here. It’s a really friendly environment to work and study in.


If you are a digital nomad and interested in coming to Spain, why not take advantage of your time here and learn Spanish? You can also try online classes before moving to Spain for a head start. Find out more about online classes here!

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