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Student Interview: 6 Months Internship

We recently interviewed our Euroace intern Daniela, to find out more about her long term study abroad experience. here you can see what she had to say about interning at Euroace, life in Valencia, and how the experience has impacted her…


Why did you choose to come to Spain to take part in an Internship program?

I always wanted to go to Spain to spend several months in this wonderful country with long sandy beaches, lots of sunshine, happy people and tasty Mediterranean cuisine. I found out about the Erasmus Entrepreneurs program, for business professionals looking to build their experience in their desired business field. Education and language studies were always on my mind as a potential business of my own. So I applied and was so happy to be accepted on a 6 months Internship with Euroace.


How was your experience working for an Educational Institution like Euroace?

I was delighted to work in a language school environment, where I could see students coming from all over the world. From the first moment I could see their motivation and passion to learn Spanish. I met students from so many countries, from iconic places like Los Angeles, New York, London, Amsterdam, Sydney but also people from smaller towns in Europe, USA, China and Korea, all with their own personal stories.

I also got closer to the idea of the digital nomad lifestyle, as the Spanish language school also shared their office space with a Coworking center, thus some of the students were actually business professionals who coworked and managed their own businesses from the Euroace premises. This was great for my own networking and entrepreneur interests. 


Did you combine your Internship with Spanish classes?

Before starting my internship, I decided to study Spanish for a couple of weeks with Euroace. This was a great way to get to know the Spanish language school as a student and to improve my Spanish language skills before I started my actual work. I was very happy with the lessons; I took an intensive language course of 10 hours a week for 2 weeks. The teachers were always presenting the lessons in a very enjoyable way, motivating all of us to participate and interact. Besides, they had a very practical approach towards grammar and language structures, they made sure we understood and we practiced all the theory introduced. This was really good for me to experience, so that I knew how to develop marketing materials when I actually began working as part of the Euroace team. 


Did you get out of the Internship what you set out to?

The experience was even better than expected, it was a mix of having fun and getting lots of things done. I was participating in student events like Spanish-English language exchanges and paella cooking courses as well as taking the students for walking tours in the center of Valencia. During office hours I would sit at the reception of the school, all the students and visitors to the school were passing by me, so I tried to learn the students’ names and advise them best about their classrooms and other requests that they had. This was all fun and great to meet people too. 

My tasks involved creating social media content like blogs, graphics and posts related to Valencia, Spain, International studies. Before my internship, I worked mainly in sales and so I was really interested to get some experience in digital marketing. I had never written blogs before and it was not easy, but I really enjoyed developing my writing skills, creating impactful stories and researching different topics, like Spanish history and traditions. I also enjoyed the research aspect of the internship, searching for partner companies and new trends that could be of interest to us. 


Did you enjoy working in a new culture?

Yes, definitely. Everyone from the Euroace team was very friendly and very supportive; they always kept me busy and were always ready to help me when I needed it.  They also asked me about the areas of my interest to work on, in order to make the learning experience more valuable to me. I really liked the corporate culture of Euroace, being dynamic but never too hectic or stressful. There were deadlines, but these were not so strict deadlines, if I was struggling with something, I could always take some extra days to finish the tasks.


How do you hope this experience will impact your career?

The experience will help me a lot to develop further in a sales career, which is my goal. The content writing skills will help me promote services and advance further with digital marketing. I would like to continue my career promoting education and the experience with Euroace helped me see the big potential in the area of international studies and student exchange projects. Besides, I improved my Spanish language skills a lot and this will benefit me both personally and professionally!


Thank you Daniela for your answers and for helping us these past 6 months! If you are interested in taking an internship abroad, as Daniela did, take a look at our various Internship placement sectors in Spain!

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