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Benefits of a Remote Online Internship

With digital nomads and remote workers becoming more and more popular, why not try a remote internship? …
Online internships, also known as remote or virtual internships, are internships where students work remotely without the need of physical presence in the office or with coworkers. This is rather a new phenomenon and the idea of remote internships has certainly grown in recent years due to the ever-improving technology and the rise in popularity of social media. Just as companies look to hire employees remotely, the same can be done with internships. 


Which fields offer online internships?

Of course, sectors are limited due to the type of work, but when you think about it,many industries work in an online way these days. The most popular sectors for remote internships include:

Marketing | Business | Media | Finance | Accounting | Legal | Design | IT | Journalism


How does an online internship work?

All the tasks are set and done entirely via email, online chat, video, or any other online platform.

It’s a flexible alternative to those who for whatever reason cannot do a internship in person, whether it be for financial reasons, logistics, or current schedules.

The student has the freedom to develop tasks in their own time and it also enables them to work as an international intern, while eliminating the need to travel.

Regular meetings with the student’s mentor / supervisor are scheduled so the intern gains support and advice, and ultimately, learns form the experience!


Remote internships have many benefits…

  1. New skills – by working with companies who recognize the importance of digital skills in the modern workplace,  online internships enable you to develop important skills such as cross cultural communication, useful interview techniques, and more!
  2. Personalized experience – tailor your own internship program to work in the sector of your choice and to select dates that suit you
  3. Boost your profile – build your CV, gain professional work experience and improve global communication skills … making you more qualified for future international positions and projects
  4. Connect – grow your professional network on an international level
  5. Save funds – remote internships help cut travel costs and living expenses abroad while still gaining the benefits of an internship
  6. Future prospects – if you are applying for a remote job, and have a successful remote internship experience with a reference, this could help you when applying for jobs in the future.


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