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Internship Supervisor’s Thoughts on Remote Internships

We have had many programs this year alone, whereby students have completed their internships online, working remotely with their company supervisor. We spoke to one of our internship supervisors about what it’s like working with online interns, what’s their experience like, and how he thinks remote internships can benefit students.
Check out what he had to say!


What are the benefits of doing an online internship from your perspective as a supervisor?

There are multiple benefits. My top 4 would be: students can gain international experience working in exciting companies, they can grow and build a network of contacts in a specific industry, they can get a lot of work flexibility, and they can meet great professionals who they can learn from. 

How do you communicate with your interns, and how often? 

I communicate with the interns daily with weekly targets that we oversee and adjust as needed. We use video chat, email, and messaging. 

Are the tasks different from those which are given at the office?

Not really. Since we work with marketing and business development, the work is the same whether in the office or elsewhere. We adapt to work remotely, I myself work at least once or twice per week remotely. The main thing interns will miss out on is the tour of our facilities, colleagues, and of course the delicious paella of Valencia!

Do you think the interns can still gain useful career experience by only working with you online?

Absolutely. Interns gain technical skills, industry insights and work experience. The next step after college can be big and online internships are a great way to taste how the real business world is and narrow this step fantastically well.

How are online internships structured as far as schedule and work load? (i.e. task deadlines, presentations etc.)

This varies depending on the tasks of each intern, the interns background, knowledge and skills. It’s usually flexible and interns manage to fit in very well. When the interns first start, I work with them to make sure they have the right amount of work for them, and we see how things go within the first week or so, and adjust accordingly. 

How does an online internship give students a cross-cultural experience, without being in the country?

By working with someone from a different country, with a different culture, even companies have different cultures because of where they are based. This provides students with an excellent experience without even being physically in the country.
If you’re interested in learning more about the option to intern online, check out our website here!

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