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Exploring Valencia to the Fullest: Paella, Tapas, Oceanográfico, and more!

Taking Spanish classes or doing an internship abroad is not all about just work. For most students it is also an opportunity to meet new people from all around the world. And there is no better way to make friends than trying something new. Learn how to prepare typical Valencian paella or enjoy a night of tapas and flamenco while sharing these moments with other students.

Paella Cooking Course

Discovering a new culture also includes tasting local food and typical dishes. Almost everybody who comes to Spain wants to try paella, an authentic Spanish meal. But how about learning how to prepare Valencian paella on your own under the supervision of professional chef? 

In a paella cooking course you can do both – prepare and then taste paella that you cooked together with other students. Not only paella but you will also learn how to make sangría or gazpacho. Who wouldn’t like to know that?

Visit to Oceanogràfic (the Biggest Aquarium in Europe)

The second best aquarium in the world according to Tripadvisor and the biggest European oceanarium – yes, we are talking about the Oceanogràfic located in the City of Arts and Sciences. Inside you can see 45 thousand examples of 500 diverse marine species. Doplhins, sharks, penguins, belugas, sea lions, jelly fish, turtles and much more. The most important marine ecosystems are reproduced in a large aquarium. You will see sharks and manta rays swimming right above your head and if you want to you can see a doplhin show, too. 

Tapas Dinner and Flamenco Show

Tapas are iconic small appetizers of various kinds that are a symbol of Spanish cuisine. 

The most common are patatas bravas (fried potatoes), pincho de tortilla (Spanish omelette) or croquettas filled with Spanish ham, wild mushrooms, cheese or prawns. Just taste as many tapas as you can and then eat some postres (desserts),  such as the delicious sweet churros with chocolate. After good food there comes the right time for some movement! One of the things associated with Spain is without a doubt flamenco; the most famous dance in Spain. Elegant red or black and dotted dresses and a red rose in the hair accompanied by elegant moves are something you just can‘t miss!

Horchata and Fartons Tasting

Horchata is a typical refreshing drink authentic of València. It is made from tiger nuts and usually it comes with a farton; a sweet bread that you can find being dipped into a glass of horchata. This very sweet drink and food are being served in so-called horchaterías that are almost on every corner in València. Just take a break and find out if you love this typical food that local people love and spend some time in the beautiful horchatería Santa Catalina that is decorated in traditional ceramic tile. It is located in the historic heart of the city that is called la Ciutat Vella and you can really feel a special atmosphere there!

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