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How EUROACE can help you prepare for the DELE exam

Here at Euroace, our Spanish courses  give you a lot more than just the opportunity to learn Spanish. Not only can you choose between a range of different ways to learn Spanish with our group, online or private classes, but you can also prepare yourself for essential exams that you’ll need to showcase your Spanish skills in the future. EUROACE gives you the chance to keep advancing your Spanish skills whilst also preparing for the future, what’s not to love?


Our blog today will specifically focus on DELE and tell you everything about our DELE preparation classes at our school. As one of the most important and recognized exams on an international scale, preparing for and taking a DELE exam is a great challenge for current Spanish students and for those who want to demonstrate their skills for both professional and personal gain. We will provide you with essential information about DELE, how we prepare our students for it and how you can use your Spanish classes to your best advantage!


What exactly is the DELE exam?

Lets start with the basics and give you some general information about DELE. First of all, DELE  is short for Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera and it’s considered the official diploma issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education, which accredits your exact level when it comes to your proficiency in the Spanish language. But why is this important?


Why do you need it?

It is an internationally recognized measure of the Spanish language. So, it can be very useful if you are looking for a job in a Spanish speaking country, or a job in another country where you will need Spanish communication skills. Future employers can use your DELE certification as a way of measuring you against other candidates and clarifying your language level for them.


The DELE is a great certificate to have for further Spanish studies, such in colleges or universities. Examiners or course leaders can use this exam to determine whether or not you have the right language level for their course.


The DELE isn’t just for professional gain, it can also be a personal goal that an individual can set themselves or even a challenge. If you’ve been studying Spanish for a long time and you’d like to push yourself further then the DELE is definitely for you!

How does EUROACE help prepare me for DELE?

You are probably wondering why you can’t just study for the DELE exam yourself, but the truth is that as the exam is split up into different sections that test your speaking, writing, listening and grammar skills, so the help of a trained and experienced teacher will definitely help you get ahead!

A great way to prepare yourself for the DELE exam is through our private classes. Some of the benefits include a flexible schedule based on your availability, meaning that you’ll always get the most of our classes as well exam focused exercises and learning objectives. Our teachers are able to see your mistakes, set exam targeted goals and give you advice on how to manage the different sectors of this exam.


As well as providing DELE preparation, our Spanish school is an accredited center by the Instituto Cervantes for the instruction of Spanish as a foreign language.


Our school adheres to the standards set forth by the Instituto Cervantes Center Accreditation System, recognizing the educational excellence of Spanish language schools across the globe. What we really mean to say is that even if you’re not completely convinced about taking a DELE exam, you can join our group or online Spanish classes to start the first step towards your Spanish journey!


Whether its preparing for a DELE exam or just gradually improving your Spanish skills, EUROACE can provide you with a customized and unique course that will accommodate your individual needs.


If you would like to take a Private or Group course specifically designed to prepare you for the DELE exam, check out the Euroace DELE Preparation Courses here.


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