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Valencia’s Hidden Gems


Valencia is a city that brings history and modern life together so well. It has many well known monuments and touristic attractions but there’s a lot more about this city than first meets the eye. Here we’ve made a list of what we consider to be some of Valencia’s hidden gems…


Valencia’s silk museum

It’s not the most popular museum in the city but it sure has a lot to offer. Built in the XV century, the museum has many features worth seeing. The authentic ceramic floors and the historical archives the establishment possesses are really something to admire. The most important feature however is the story of how the silk came to Valencia and history behind it. It is a great activity to change scenery from the usual beach and party holiday, and you can learn more about the history and trade of Valencia at the same time.


Jardines de Monforte

Valencia has a well known large green space that runs through the city, known as the Turia Park. It’s the most popular park but there is also another central nature spot. Just off the park you can come to another green space known as  Jardines de Monforte or the Monforte Gardens. They offer beauty and tranquility right in the center of the busy city, and their garden maze is fun for children to play in while the beauty of the flowers can be amdired by all.


Puente de las flores

This can be translated to the Flower Bridge and it lives up to its name! The Turia Park has many bridges over it yet this one stands out for the time and care that has been put into the lovely flowers that stretch across it. It is actually one of the most expensive bridges in the world not least for its architecture but for its upkeep! If you want to get a cool snap in the center of the city, it’s just a few minutes walk from the main shopping streets and certainly worth the visit!


Narrowest house in Spain

Valencia has a fairly peculiar attraction located at Plaza Lope de Vega, known as La estrecha. In English this means the ‘narrow one’ and it is a building that is only 107cm wide! It is registered as the narrowest building in Spain and among the narrowest in the world. Nowadays, it is a peculiarity for tourists and it has a bar/ café built on the side of it, called La estrecha



Valencia is home to some wonderful markets! The main market is Mercat Central which has a lovely, ornate ceiling and holds a lot of history. Yet there are other markets that are fun to visit as well.

Mercat Colón is one of these located in the center, right next to the high street stores. It possesses a beautiful facade and inside there are many cafés, restaurants and bars to choose from.

Mercado San Valero is a new market that offers authentic, indoor street-food stands. It includes lots of different cuisines and also hosts a wine bar to boot. It’s on the outskirts of the hipster barrier known as Ruzafa and is a great place to chill out and grab some food with friends!



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