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5 Body Part Idioms in Spanish

The Spanish language is rich with expressions and sayings that cannot be translated literally into English (unfortunately!) A lot of them involve the human body and may sound strange but at the same time funny to you. If you want to speak like a native then understanding the idioms is essential.

We picked out five of them that you should definitely learn:

1. Estar hasta las narices

English (literal): To be up to the noses.

Meaning: To be fed up. 

      Estoy hasta los narices de ti. = I am fed up with you.

2. Poner los ojos en blanco

English (literal): To put one’s eyes in white.

Meaning: To roll one’s eyes. 

Al poner los ojos en blanco como acabas de hacer, eso era una respuesta. = That little eye roll thing you just did, that was the answer.

3. Hacerse la boca agua

English (literal): To make the mouth water

Meaning: To make one’s mouth water.

Unos postres para que se te haga la boca agua. = Some mouth watering desserts.

4 Levantarse con mal pie

English (literal): To wake up with a bad foot.

Meaning: To wake up on the wrong side of the bed/ get off to a bad start.

Parece que empezamos con mal pie. = It seems we got off to a bad start.

5. Hablar por los codos

English (literal): To speak from the elbows.

Meaning: To talk a lot/ talk up a storm.

Juan habla por los codos. = Juan is talking up a storm.

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