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10 Reasons to Volunteer in Spain

Have you ever thought about volunteering abroad? Why not try something different over a holiday or during your summer break?

Volunteering in general has so many great benefits of course , for both you and the community you are helping, but volunteering abroad gives you a chance to open your mind to the world and experience volunteering at a whole new level.

Volunteering in Spain is a great opportunity to not only reap the benefits of volunteering and helping out those in need, but there is also no better way to continue improving your Spanish than to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture. 

So what are the benefits of Volunteering in Spain? 

Below we’ve put together a list of 10 perks of volunteering abroad, specifically in Spain!

  1. Help out communities in need and make a difference
  2. Improve your Spanish 
  3. Open your mind to global issues 
  4. Do something different and valuable with your time and energy
  5. Meet other like-minded people 
  6. See the world from another perspective
  7. Immerse yourself in the Spanish culture
  8. Travel to new places 
  9. Boost your resume and set yourself apart from others
  10. Create unforgettable memories

In Valencia there are many non-profit organizations and causes you can get involved with. A few examples of volunteer work in Valencia include helping those from underprivileged backgrounds, working with populations at risk of social exclusion, or working on environmental projects.

For all of you searching for a way to come back to Valencia, here’s your chance! Come back (or join us for the first time) to participate in a Volunteer Program!

If you’re interested in more information about Volunteer Programs, please contact us for details or click here to find out more about Volunteer Options with Euroace.

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