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7 Things to consider before moving abroad


Moving abroad is a great experience. It doesn’t matter if its for a short period of time or if its permanent. If you are a student moving to study or work abroad, or if you are traveling overseas to start a new job. Every person needs to consider certain variables before taking the decision. Here is a list from our experience, (we hope it guides you well):


  1. Culture

Culture encompasses a series of concepts such as arts, architecture, food, lifestyle, music, dance, language or sports. Do you fancy eating paella or drinking sangria? Do you like going out with friends until late? Is football amongst your favourite sports? Is the local language easy to catch?

  1. Language

You will most likely be able to communicate, study or work in English but unless you’re moving to a country where they only speak Shakespeare’s language, it’s not negotiable! You will have to leave your comfort zone and learn the local language. Will it be useful in your career?

  1. Cost of living

Look into the living costs before deciding which city to settle in. Spain for example, is cheaper than most European countries. However, Valencia (city by the Mediterranean Sea) is cheaper than Madrid or Barcelona. Make sure you do some market research as you can save quite a bit of money.

  1. Safety

Crimes are very low in most European cities, making it really safe to live. Make sure you choose the right neighbourhood to live in, how far is it from the city center? Is it okay to walk back during the night? If you lose you passport or wallet, is there an embassy or consulate in the city? Do your homework first and read about the city before choosing one.

  1. Foreign exchange

You may need to transfer money regularly, perhaps for education fees or accommodation. Is it cheaper to buy foreign currency or is it more expensive? Foreign exchange will determine if the cost of living will be cheaper or not, so check any currency exchange site and see how much things cost in your preferred destination.

  1. Weather

Amazing weather, beaches and sunshine may probably unbalance the decision when moving abroad. For example, cities like Valencia (Spain), located by the Mediterranean Sea, unite a series of factors such as: superb weather throughout the year, hypnotic beaches, abundant parks and green spaces and a walkable/bike-able city; making it a preferred destination by many international students and expats.

  1. Transport

You may wish to travel around, visit different cities and make the most of your time abroad. Look at flight connections, trains and interesting nearby cities. Read about public transport availability, parking accessibility or peak traffic hours.

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