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Prácticas Online

Realiza una práctica a nivel internacional sin moverte de casa.

Nuestras prácticas remotas eliminan cualquier barrera que se interponga en tu camino para que puedas concentrarte exclusivamente en obtener una experiencia profesional de alta calidad en tu campo. ¡Todo desde tu propia casa!

Prácticas Online

Las Prácticas Online de EUROACE garantizan:

Sin desplazamientos (100% online)

Unas prácticas en una empresa internacional con sede en España

Elegir entre prácticas a tiempo parcial o completo

Plataformas y canales de comunicación online fáciles de usar

Cumplimiento de los requisitos académicos y profesionales

Un horario de trabajo flexible (se tienen en cuenta los zonas horarios)

Un supervisor de empresa asignado para tutorizar tu programa

Sesiones individuales de vídeo coaching y feedback

Apoyo 100% del equipo de EUROACE

Una fantástica oportunidad para ampliar tu red de contactos profesionales

Una experiencia única que mejorará tu currículum

Desarrollo de la comunicación intercultural

¡Una experiencia profesional inigualable que te abrirá las puertas a nivel mundial!

¿Cómo puede beneficiarme una práctica online?


Nuevas Habilidades al trabajar con empresas que reconocen la importancia de las habilidades digitales en un lugar de trabajo moderno, una práctica online te ayuda a desarrollar la capacidad de comunicación intercultural, soltura en entrevistas, habilidades digitales y más…


Puesto personalizadoconcreta tus requisitos personales, académicos y profesionales para crear un programa personalizado que cumpla con tus objetivos y expectativas.


Desarrollo profesional – mejora tu CV ganando experiencia profesional con un equipo virtual en un entorno multicultural. ¡Destaca entre otros candidatos y hazte más atractivo para las empresas!


Contactos valiosos – amplía tu red profesional en la industria de tu elección y establece valiosos contactos internacionales.


Productividad ¡Combinar una práctica profesional con tu actividad actual y adaptarla para que se ajuste a tu horario diario significa que aprovecharás al máximo tu tiempo y te dará más herramientas para tu desarrollo profesional!


Asequible – Las prácticas en remoto eliminan los costes del viaje y los gastos de alimentación y alojamiento en el extranjero al mismo tiempo que obtienes los beneficios de la práctica en sí misma, creando programas más accesibles y asequibles para todos los bolsillos.


Desafío retarte personal y profesionalmente es vital para alcanzar el éxito. ¡Salir de tu zona de confort y acceder a un nuevo entorno laboral es definitivamente una experiencia desafiante a la vez que gratificante!

Soccer & Spanish

I was part of the player program and I also took Spanish classes 3 times per week. This really helped me to get more confidence speaking Spanish and understand my coaches more. I feel like the combination of classes and training meant that I could improve more as a player as I improved my Spanish".

Sang Min, Korea

Player and student

Study abroad extra services

"At first I was taking an Internship with Euroace in football marketing but then I decided to add Spanish classes and find accommodation with them too. They made my study abroad experience even better with the extra services I was able to get. I can't thank them enough for this experience!"

Miguel, Portugal


Spanish high school experience

I studied at a Spanish high school for 6 months through Euroace. The courses were hard in the beginning because all my classes were in Spanish but after a few weeks, I felt like my Spanish improved so much. It was a really amazing experience and I will really miss my host family when I leave!"

Freya, Germany

High school student

Customized Faculty-led program

"Euroace enables our university to set requirements for the study abroad program in Valencia, meaning our students can earn credits while learning abroad. Our faculty-led program includes Spanish language classes and Spanish history classes each week, plus cultural excursions on weekends. Host family accommodation is also provided by Euroace for all of our students. We appreciate Euroace's adaptability and also their personal support to our students when they are in Spain."

Carlos, Colombia


Unique gap year experience!

"I spent 3 months of my gap year before uni in Valencia taking Spanish classes 3 times a week and volunteering at an NGO in the afternoons. The experience really helped me to improve my Spanish and actually put it into practice with natives. I am so glad I decided to use my free time to travel and get to know a new culture. I would highly recommend Euroace because you can create a unique experience that fits what you're looking for!"

Megan, England


Spanish Immersion: Language course & host family

"I was greatly surprised by how helpful my host family has been in assisting me learn Spanish and overall living in Spain. Their advice and experience has greatly eased the stress of traveling in a Spanish-speaking country. My host mother has a lot of experience traveling to foreign countries and she offered every piece of advice she could. The combination of Spanish lessons and speaking with the members of my host family has allowed me to learn Spanish more fully and completely. For any high school students, it is particularly helpful because it gives them a safe space to fall back on too".

John Paul, USA


Fun youth education placement

"Now I’m working with kids, I help them with homework, and practice English and Spanish with them. I’ve got a really good connection with the people I work with and I don’t think of them as my bosses, more like friends!"

Alejandro, USA

Internship student

Internship in Valencia

"I would definitely recommend doing an internship in Valencia! I am enjoying my time here. The city is amazing, my internship is great, and I'm learning a lot from my colleagues every day".

Katie, Canada

Internship student

Curso profesional y escuela recomendable

"Estuve en Valencia por tres semanas en mayo de 2023 y tuve la oportunidad de estudiar español en Euroace durante ese período. El ambiente en la escuela era simplemente fantástico - todo el mundo alli era super amable e intentaba todo el tiempo ayudarme. Las clases se realizaban en manera muy profesional y por eso pude aprender mucho. Solo puedo recomendar Euroace a todos que quieren tomar clases de Español en Valencia. Muchas gracias a todos en Euroace en especial a mis profesoras/es Laura, Lidia y Ruben".

Mark, Russia


Placement in specific sector

"Not only did I attend classes through Euroace, but I was also placed in an internship. I am an advertising major with a minor in Health communications and Health education to hopefully go into medical device sales. I was placed with a Medical device sales company called Imeos. Furthermore, I am still in touch with those coworkers today, and absolutely loved working for them!"

Avery, USA

Internship & Spanish student

Gap year in Valencia

"I highly recommend Euroace if you are looking to learn Spanish, find an internship or volunteer program or want a gap year program! All of the staff are super accommodating and will work with you to fulfill your needs and wants to have the perfect abroad experience for you in Valencia!"

Sydney, USA

Gap year student

Escuela acogedora

"Ha sido una experiencia única y maravillosa. Al principio tenía mis dudas, pero de inmediato los profesores y todas las personas que colaboran en Euroace me hicieron sentir cómoda. Es una escuela seria con profesores que ponen a tu disposición su profesionalidad y, además, es un ambiente amistoso y acogedor."

Silvia, Italy


Interactive learning

"I mainly like how the classes are approached in a very practical way, we talk a lot and that is the best way to learn a language! Every lesson is very bright with many activities, games, conversations, etc."

Yuliia, Ukraine


Great location

"The central location of the school and the affordable prices made my decision crystal clear".

Yuri, Russia


Fun Spanish experience

"Studying Spanish at EUROACE while being in Valencia, that’s a complete win-win! The good atmosphere makes it so easy to learn and much faster than any other option".

Anthony, France


Coaching program

"All the staff were very supportive and friendly. It was a unique experience! The players were very top level and it was great to get involved with them and observe the coaching staff and their training sessions. The most memorable part of my stay was being able to participate in the sessions with the 5 year olds working on their psychomotor development and technical skills. I learnt a lot about methodology during the program and will be able to transfer my knowledge to our academy in Japan. "

Shota, Japan


Elite player program

"I have improved my touch and technical ability a lot. I think i've also become a smarter player as a result of learning a new style of play and also training with older players. My advice would be to put in as much effort as possible. All the tools to succeed are available here but it's like everything else in that you get out what you put in. "

Kevin, USA


Traveling broadens the mind!

"My gap year has been a wonderful experience so far. Even with Covid and all the restrictions I don’t regret coming here at all. It’s been a lot of fun, I love my new friends and I’m excited to see more of what Valencia and Spain in general has to offer! I would always recommend traveling when you’re studying. Traveling broadens the mind!"

Ryan, Trinidad and Tobago

Gap year student

Comprehensive experience

"To be honest, it has been more than I expected because I didn’t think I was going to study the methodology and structure of the company! This really helped me understand how the company operates and why are they successful, and gave me a lot of knowledge for my future professional career. Also, I always received feedback on my work which is crucial for developing my way of thinking and other skills necessary for my career. "

Mikha, Georgia

Internship student

International internship experience

"I chose to intern in Spain because I wanted to practice my Spanish and also do something productive for my career at the same time. As an intern I was responsible for conducting market research in different international markets suitable for my company to expand to. I also translated company presentations and documents into English and assisted my boss with several other tasks throughout the week. It was a great experience and I definitely learnt a lot working with an international company. "

Chloe, USA

Internship student

Practical Spanish course

"I think that my speaking skills improved the most – but also my grammar. Before taking a course with EUROACE I was only used to learning grammar from books. So I think it was really good for me to hear the grammar explained by a teacher and to understand it more easily".

Heinz, Switzerland


Living with a Host Family

For me, living with a host family was the best way to learn the language. By being exposed to Spanish 24/7, you learn not just formal conversation in class but also colloquial expressions and realistic conversation from local people! Host families also introduce you to many cultural components that you probably wouldn't accomplish by yourself. My host family has been so gracious and has been very patient with me as I learn Spanish!

John Paul, USA


Medical Internship

I completed my Internship in a hospital in Valencia, working 4 days a week for a total of 8 weeks. I worked on the reception, shadowed surgical procedures, helped out the nurses with their consultancies and supported the emergencies department.

Charlotte, Germany


Intensive Spanish course

"When I started the course I wasn't comfortable speaking Spanish at all but the classes and the friendly local staff helped me to learn more vocab and grammar, but mainly to build my confidence to speak Spanish!"

Kean, Singapore


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