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The charm of Valencia’s student life

Although Valencia is well known for its rich history, delicious cuisine, and sunny climate, it is also a top destination for students from around the world. With a unique blend of culture, leisure, and educational opportunities, student life in Valencia offers an unparalleled charm that captivates those who choose to make this city their temporary or long term home. 


Apart from being a cost effective city that has incredible points of interests, events and celebrations, Valencia also boasts an efficient public transportation system which includes buses, trams, and a metro network. Student discounts are available in most places, making it a friendly and accessible environment for all students. It’s nightclubs, festivals and beaches are also hot topics for all short term and long term residents.


Our blog this week offers some highlights of student life in Valencia and explains why it is such a dynamic and enriching experience for students.


Great University life:

Valencia is home to several renowned educational institutions, such as the University of Valencia, the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and the European University of Valencia. These universities offer a wide range of academic programs in various fields of study, attracting national and international students eager for knowledge and experience.


University life in Valencia is dynamic and diverse. Students have the opportunity to participate in numerous extracurricular activities ranging from student clubs and associations to cultural and sports events. 


Benimaclet is one of the most popular university neighborhoods in Valencia for a number of reasons. It’s close proximity to the universities and its safe environment make it a great chill out spot for students in their free time. It’s parks and sports facilities also bring more charm and really brings a community feel to the neighborhood. If you’re ever looking for a place to stay in the future as a student, Benimaclet can offer you everything and more!


Leisure Options:

Valencia offers an endless variety of leisure options for students. From exploring charming historic neighborhoods like El Carmen and Ruzafa to relaxing in the extensive Turia Gardens and walkways. 


For those seeking an escape from academic routine, nearby beaches such as la Malvarrosa and la Patacona are the perfect place to enjoy the sun and the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, Valencia invites its students to easily integrate culturally and socially  with its extensive selection of museums, art galleries, theaters, and festivals. Most museums are free or offer very cheap tickets and they give students the chance to learn all about the city’s history, traditions and current affairs. 


Social Life and Culture:

Undoubtedly one of the best things about the city is that students can immerse themselves in local culture and various celebrations throughout the year. For example, Las Fallas, a world-famous event featuring parades, fireworks, and artistic installations definitely gives students a reason to make Valencia is a regular holiday stop!


Valencia’s nightlife is  also vibrant and unique, with a variety of bars, clubs, and late-night cafes. Popular nightlife areas include El Carmen, Ruzafa, Benimaclet and events close to the port of Valencia. The city showcases events for each type of music genre, including jazz festivals and candlelight concerts for something a bit more slow and steady.

Valencia’s gastronomy is definitely something that gets people talking. Students can enjoy traditional Valencian dishes like paella, as well as a wide variety of international cuisine for great prices. Tapas bars and local markets such as Mercado Central are must-visit spots that also won’t damage the bank too much.


Points of Interest:

Lastly, Valencia is full of points of interest that capture the attention of students and visitors alike. The City of Arts and Sciences, designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava, is an impressive architectural complex housing an aquarium, a planetarium, a science museum, and much more.


The old town of Valencia, with its intricate network of cobblestone streets and historical landmarks such as the Silk Exchange and Valencia Cathedral, offers a glimpse into the city’s fascinating past. The Bio Park offers students the chance to connect to both animals and nature, as well as the oceanographic – the biggest aquarium in Europe.


There is so much more to talk about in Valencia and when we say that there is something for everyone – we really mean it!



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