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Why an EUROACE Internship is what you need this Summer!

We are sure that almost all of you are starting to plan your Summer holidays as they are closely approaching.. which will include a lot of trips, days on the beach and celebrations with friends and family.. like almost every year, right? But have you ever thought about doing something completely different during the Summer holidays? Like stepping out of your comfort zone or pushing yourself to the limit? EUROACE can help you with all of the above.


Making the decision to step out of your comfort zone in Summer can be incredibly rewarding. Whether its travelling to a destination that you’ve never been to before or participating in something that may benefit your career in  the future, EUROACE offers you plenty of opportunities for growth and adventure with both our internships and custom programs.


Our blog today will list some reasons about why you should take advantage of the Summer holidays and do an internship with us! Why not challenge yourself whilst you’re enjoying the sun and do something completely unique and different? Keep reading to find out some great reasons why you should…


Clarify your career goals

Whether you have just graduated, you’re half way through your degree or you’ve taken a bit of time off to think about your future plans, a Summer internship is a great way to clarify your career goals as it provides insight into different career paths within your chosen field. Our internships can help you understand what aspects of the job you enjoy and what you might want to pursue further, which will only help you in making some important career decisions. A great thing about doing an internship during the Summer is that you can take advantage of your free time and have no distractions. You’ll be able to put your heart and sole into your internship and really focus on what you want to gain out of it!

Immerse yourself in a different environment

One of the best things that EUROACE offers is the chance to take you to new locations for your internships. You’ll have the chance to experience life and work in a new geographic area (in this case, Spain) which will expose you to different lifetyles, cultures and perspectives. Is there anything more rewarding than that?


This new type of exposure can also help you in the workplace. Each company has its own unique culture, values and way of operating and you’ll have the chance to experience and learn every single day during your internship. Not only does this foster personal growth and cultural awarness, but it also helps you understand what type of work environment suits you best and adapt to different workplace dynamics. If you did an internship in your home country you’d never have the chance to witness all this change as you’re completely used to the way everything operates. A Summer internship abroad gives you more than just work experience, it opens the door to a completely different lifestyle right infront of your eyes!



Connect with colleagues and other interns

Summer is the busiest time of the year at EUROACE and we always welcome a huge wave of students and interns through our doors each year. This alone offers fantastic opportunities to meet new people from various backgrounds and industries. As well as placing interns in companies all over Valenica, Madrid and Barcelona, we also organize weekly cultural activities for all of our students so they can really get stuck in and socialise during their programs. It can’t get better than a Summer internship as there is always someone to chat to and enjoy with. You’ll never not have company and you’ll most probably end up leaving the program with a lot of new contacts in your phone. Trust us!


As well as our activities, during your internship you’ll work closely with fellow interns and full-time employees for the duration of your stay. These interactions allow y0u to build relationships with peers who share similar career interests and aspirations. It is a great chance to ask them all about the job and even build connections that you may need in the future.


Great opportunities outside of your internship

Although the main aim is to complete your internship and learn all about your chosen field, it also helps that there is a grand variety of activities and adventures waiting for you when you aren’t at the company. Valencia is a vibrant and upbeat city, just like Madrid and Barcelona, so there’s no need to worry about how you’ll entertain yourself when you aren’t interning. Days spent on the beach, exploring markets, attending fairs, enjoying shows, and participating in weekend events are just a glimpse of the many activities available. The sun will be shining and you’ll be able to use your free time to do whatever you feel like!



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