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A Q&A with one of our Spanish Students!

Have you been thinking about taking a Spanish course recently but still have unanswered questions? Maybe you’re still unsure about if you’ll enjoy the classes, if you’ll get on with the teachers and other students or you may just simply want some more information. Our Q&A blog sessions can help you with all of the above and today we’ll be talking to one of our oldest students at the school who is currently enrolled in an intensive Spanish course here at EUROACE.


We value your curiosity and interest in all of our Spanish courses and our Q&A sessions help to provide clarity and deepen your understanding about how we teach here at EUROACE. Keep reading to see our full Q&A with Valentina.


Hi! First of all we want to say thank you for taking the time to speak to us today, especially after doing 2 classes back to back. Lets start with a little introduction and then we’ll get going.


Hi! No worries, I have the whole day to chill now I’ve finished my classes of the day. So my name is Valentina and I’m a student here at EUROACE. I’m 23 years old and I’m originally from Russia.


Perfect! So my first question is specifically about Valencia. Why did you choose to study Spanish here and not in another part of Spain?


The main reason is that it is close to the sea and I absolutely love the beach and nature. I thought about going to Madrid but its not close to the beach and that really makes or breaks it for me. Valencia is also a gorgeous city and the prices really aren’t that bad. Although prices have gone up recently, they are still better than the other big cities all around Spain.


I agree. The beaches here are beautiful and the weather never disappoints! How long have you been studying at the school?


Exactly! The weather is also important because I don’t think I’d be going to school every day if it was raining a lot. I’ve been at EUROACE for half a year so it’s been quite a long time now!

More importantly, what is your intensive course like and what do you like most about it?


So my intensive Spanish course includes 20 hours of class hours per week. I normally do my classes in the morning, starting at 11am and finishing at 1pm. There is a short break in between so all of the intensive course students can have a break and go and get something to eat/ drink.


The thing I like most about studying at EUROACE is the support from the teachers. They are very professional and I have already learnt so much when I think about my first day at the school. Another thing I like is that the teaching system is very flexible and if there is ever a problem, it is fixed straight away. For example, if you feel like the class you are in isn’t benefiting you or the teacher you have has a different style of teaching, there are always options to change subject to class availability. This is something that most other schools cannot offer so it makes EUROACE unique in that sense.


I really like that the school always tries to maximize the teaching time for the students as most students nowadays have other commitments or their budget is low, making it hard to find classes that are a good fit! It’s a bit different with my course as it normally requires a student visa, but if students enrolled in a short course are away or go on holiday, they sometimes have the chance to make up the class! I think this is nice for both students and teachers so they don’t miss important information or class work.


I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed your experience with us so far! I really like how flexible the school is too, it makes it much easier to resolve problems so I’m with you on that one. How has the workload been from doing an intensive course every day? Has it been manageable? 


Well, the truth is that sometimes I wake up and I’m really excited to learn and go to class but there are definitely other days that I really wish I could stay home and not do 4 hours of class. I would say that’s a normal feeling though because no one enjoys studying every single day!


I think that the teaching styles and methods used at EUROACE definitely help me to manage the amount of work I have. They always plan interactive lessons that sometimes include classes on the roof terrace, in Valencia’s central market and around the city. I’m rarely bored in class because we always do different things and the lesson plans always change.


That sounds great. It’s always nice to change things up and that way the work is never repetitive or boring. Have you taken part in any of EUROACE’s cultural activities whilst you’ve been here?


Yes, I did a number of activities that were organized by EUROACE and I think that my favorite one was definitely the karaoke night. We sang a lot of classic songs in both Spanish and English and I had the chance to meet other students that aren’t in my class at the school. I really enjoyed!


I think my favorite thing about the school is the activities that they organize. They are always so much fun! Do you think you’d recommend the school to others interested in Spanish classes?


Yes! 100%. I have actually spoken to other people that have had bad experiences in other language schools and I can’t believe how different their experience is in comparison to mine and what a good time I’ve had here. To summarize, I think the quality of teaching is very high and I have definitely noticed a big improvement in my Spanish.


Thanks a lot Valentina, we are so glad that you’re enjoying your classes with us and we hope that you’re with us for a long time in the future!


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