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How to plan your summer at EUROACE!

Summer is closely approaching and we already know how much you’re looking forward to the long summer nights, beach days and all of the great trips and activities that will be surrounding the city. Do you already have plans this summer or are you looking for a new adventure? Our EUROACE programs will only make your summer better and most importantly, they give you the opportunity to really do something different and unique during the break.


Have you ever thought doing an internship or embarking on a gap year at least once in your life? Well why not do it during the summer break? Not only will you have the gorgeous weather and spectacular views of the city, but you’ll also meet so many new people and get to experience parts of Spain during the best months.


This blog will explore all of the services we provide at EUROACE and list all of the reasons why you should start planning a summer program with us now!


Internships & Cultural Immersion

Living and studying in a foreign country provides an immersive cultural experience, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. All of the above is why our internships are the best way for our students to immerse themselves both into a brand new work environment and also in a completely different country.


Internships in different countries enhance cross-cultural communication skills, which are highly valued in today’s globalized workforce. Navigating cultural nuances, understanding different communication styles, and effectively collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds are essential skills that can be developed through international internships and EUROACE gives you all these opportunities and more.


With our customized internships, you have the chance to study and analyze the professional work environments that you are interested in and gain real life work experience at these companies.




Interactive Spanish classes

Alongside our internships, our programs also give you the chance to take part in one of our interactive and flexible Spanish language courses. Spanish is a language skill that will definitely come in handy, not only during your internship but also in every day situations like in supermarkets, bars and other events you’ll find in the city. As well as online and private classes, our group classes give you the chance to dive straight into learning a new language in an interactive environment. Solo learning can get a bit boring and lonely if there’s never anyone to share your ideas and opinions and that’s why summer is the best time to start one of our programs – you’ll never not have someone to talk with in class!



Cultural activities

Arguably one of the best things about our programs is the cultural activities that we organize each week. What’s even better is that during the summer months these activities will never fail to entertain you as we focus on outdoor activities and fun in the sun. Not only do our cultural activities help all of our students socialize and make new connections, but they also encourage you to embrace the culture and heritage of Spain. You’ll get to see authentic flamenco shows, learn how to make paella with a skilled chef and even go on day trips to the near by towns in Valencia.


A personalized experience with a host family

Unlike the standardized experience of hotels and hostels, EUROACE offers its students the option to stay with a Spanish host family for a unique experience and a personalized touch.


The advantages of staying with a host family are endless. You get to see at first-hand how the locals live: where they go, what they like to do and the habits and schedules they live by. For example, in Spain you will surely adjust to the different meal times and working hours of businesses. A local family can also teach you a traditional game, how to cook a special dish or introduce you to a local TV show or past time. It’s not something you’d get if you were to stay in a different type of accommodation.


Your hosts can tailor your experience based on your interests, providing recommendations and activities that align with your preferences. Most Spanish families would be delighted to sit down and a have a chat with you or recommend you some of the best things to do in Valencia! Although staying in a hotel or apartment can offer a sense of luxury, it is something you can do at anytime or anywhere, the host family experience is one in a million!


So there you have it! We’ve listed all of the reasons why you should start planning your summer program with us now so the only thing left to do is to actually start organizing it! If you want more information about our accommodation options, internship opportunities and our Spanish courses, click here 





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