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Why you should study Spanish with EUROACE in 2024!

Everyone has thought about learning a language at some point in their life, whether they’ve actually done it is another story. Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world, with over 400 million native speakers and 21 countries use Spanish as their native language!


Maybe, you already know some Spanish and would like to advance your language skills or maybe you’re just curious and think its a nice language to learn, whatever the reason, Euroace has tailored and customized programs to suit everyone. As you may already know, learning languages is becoming more and more relevant when it comes to travel, study and international communication. Here at Euroace, we offer group, private and exam preparation classes, meaning that there’s always a course for someone. 


Below we’ll explain some of the main reasons why you should study Spanish and why it should be with EUROACE!


Let’s look at the facts

As we already mentioned before, there are over 400 million native Spanish speakers out there but there are currently 572 million Spanish speakers in the world! Learning Spanish will give you the chance to communicate with much more people on a global scale and really get to know people from Spanish speaking countries. What’s more, there’s an increasing amount of students and workers learning Spanish nowadays so you will meet a lot of people willing to practice the language along the way, just like you! 


At EUROACE, all of our Spanish teachers are native Spanish speakers, coming from both all over Spain and South America, this is a top advantage as you can learn new dialects, colloquial language from all of the Spanish speaking countries and most importantly, you’ll learn different phrases and vocabulary which will help you in every day life.


Learning Spanish will open your mind

Studying Spanish is not only about learning grammar and vocabulary,  it is a chance to discover a new culture and a new perspective! Your learning experience will expose you to all sorts of customs, cultural behaviors and ways of life, creating a new outlook on the world and a different mindset!


Our group classes at EUROACE are always filled a mix of activities and interactive games to help everyone learn in the most interesting and unique way possible. Sometimes our teachers organize day trips to local markets, classes on our terrace and they also create themed lessons about popular traditions and cultures in Spanish speaking countries – if this isn’t the most resourceful way to learn Spanish then we don’t know what is!


What about travelling? 

 Spanish is the perfect language when it comes to visiting new places. Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica… All of these (and many more) are Spanish speaking countries and you will make the most of the experience if you know the language, since they have a great cultural, artistic and cultural wealth.


There is no better feeling than being able to travel to a new country and not have to worry about if the locals understand you. You will not feel embarrassed or shamed to ask questions or even for directions. Our classes are also jam packed with speaking activities that allow you to make the most of our classes. You will always be practicing new vocabulary and phrases that you can use during your time in Spain.


Career prospects 

Last but not least, learning Spanish will definitely be useful to you in your professional development. Spanish is taking on a crucial role in commercial relations and tourism. Adding Spanish to your skill set will look impressive on your CV and enhance your career prospects- especially if you are working with international clients or Hispanic areas.


Our courses aren’t the only thing that will help you learn this language as we also organize customized internship programs for our students that allow them to fully immerse themselves in Spanish work life. You will have the chance to experience the Spanish work environment with your own eyes and have a real understanding of how your co workers work and manage all types of situations. There is nothing better than experience!

To find out more about the Spanish courses we offer, click here and if you’re also interested in our internships then click here for more information. We provide classes for different levels and are flexible with our schedules just like our internships are tailored to accommodate the needs of each individual!


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