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How to experience Fallas like a local!

If you’re in Valencia right now then you’ve definitely already noticed the grand lighting up of the streets and central areas, as well as the final preparations to mount the big figures and structures for Las Fallas. It’s not difficult to notice that this city comes to life in so many different ways during this month, from celebrations on the streets, to concerts and musical events.


Our blog for you this week will tell you all about how you can celebrate Las Fallas like a local. Immersing yourself in Valencia’s neighborhoods, going to the Mascletàs and trying traditional Fallas food are just a few ways to enjoy to the max. Don’t worry about running out of things to do because this festival makes that pretty impossible! Keep reading to find out all the fun and unique ways you can enjoy!


Explore the neighborhoods

Probably one of the most important things to tick off your Fallas checklist and something that will come pretty natural to everyone enjoying this festival is to explore the different neighborhoods. This festival really promotes its visitors to wander through Valencia’s streets and neighborhoods not only to discover the fallas monuments built by each communities, but to also appreciate the hard work and dedication of these local communities. Most streets will feature a big tent that is full of falleros and falleras, as well as the artists and creators of each monument. You will have the chance to see this beautiful sculptures up close and really feel the story and meaning behind each one.


These neighborhoods never fail to entertain their visitors as they host street parties and parades each evening. You’ll find food trucks, hundreds of market stalls selling typical Fallas attire and you’ll never be too far away from a cold beverage such as horchata, freshly squeezed orange juice, and of course beers and cocktails. Another important thing to note is the loud and chaotic sound of the «petardos» on the streets, which are small fireworks that are very popular during this festival. To really fit in with the locals you could buy a pack and start throwing them, there are various types (however we don’t recommend this if you don’t like loud noises).



Attend the Mascletàs

By far the most unique thing about Fallas is the daily masletàs. An explosive firework and firecracker display that makes the ground shake and let you really experience the power and passion for Fallas. The intense sound and rhythmic techniques are really a symbol of tradition, unity and community spirit and you’ll find most Valencians at every single mascletà regardless of their other commitments. Our tip is to try and attend them everyday because you’ll notice the difference in their sounds, vibrations and the way they make you feel. It’s definitely not something that the locals skip!



Try traditional Fallas food

A quick but tasty top recommendation is to try the food from all of the food trucks dotted around the city during Las Fallas. A real classic are the buñuelos de calabaza, which are little pieces of fried pumpkin dough that will be sure to satisfy your hunger during the main events of the festival. You can also opt for the more traditional treats such as churros and chocolate.


Experience La Crema

La crema in Valencia typically refers to the final act of the Fallas festival, where the fallas monuments (elaborate sculptures) are set on fire in a spectacular display of flames and fireworks. This tradition occurs on the night of March 19th, the feast day of Saint Joseph, who is the patron saint of carpenters.


During «La Crema,» after several days of festivities, all of the fallas sculptures erected throughout the city are set ablaze, symbolizing the end of the festival and the purification of the city. The burning of the fallas is a highly anticipated event, drawing crowds of locals and tourists alike to witness the spectacle.


Each neighborhood’s falla is burned at a designated time, starting with smaller fallas and culminating in the burning of the main falla in the city center. It can be strange to watch these beautiful figures go up in flames but this night represents new life and experiences, making it an unmissable experience!


EUROACE is organising a Fallas Tour this Thursday, 14th of March. We will go around and see the best Fallas, explaining their history and the meaning behind them. If you’d like to join, please send a message to or talk to us at the school!


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