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A Q&A with one of our Spanish students!

Today we got the chance to talk to one of our amazing Spanish students, Stacey, who gave us our own personal Q&A about why she chose to come to Valencia and study with us!


Lets see what she thinks about life in Valencia and how she’s getting on with her Spanish course:


1. Hi Stacey! Thanks for talking to us today! So first of all, how long have you been in Valencia?

Well, it’s actually nearly been a year since I moved to Valencia. I started doing Spanish classes   last year in June and now I still do the intensive course of 20 hours which sometimes I split up between group classes and private classes.


2. Ah ok, you must study a lot then! And why did you decide to move abroad?

Yes, I do a lot of Spanish classes but I like it, even though sometimes its a lot of work.

Well, before I used to live in a very expensive city so that was the thing that attracted me to Spain. It is definitely cheaper to live here. It was a big difference when I first came here, I couldn’t believe it.


3. So why did you end up choosing Valencia?

Well, like I said before, I used to live in a big and expensive city so instead I wanted to choose a small and local city. I also wanted to learn Spanish so that’s why I chose Spain. I’d also heard good things about Valencia so I wanted to see what it was about!


4. Valencia is quite a small city but there’s still a lot to do! That’s the good thing. What’s your favorite plan to do here in Valencia?

Hmmm, I would say my favorite thing to do here is to sunbathe on the beach. I also really like the activities that EUROACE organize and if I don’t have a lot of things to do I always try to get involved. I like meeting new people and socializing with them. One of my favorite activities that EUROACE organized was the Paella cooking class, it was really cool to learn how they properly make paella here.


5. Now we’re talking about food, what would you say your favorite Spanish food is and why?

This is a hard question. I don’t think I have one because the food here is very different to the food in China. Although I do really like the food in Bilbao, the north of Spain.


6. Did you find anything strange or difficult when you first moved to Valencia?

Yes! The most difficult thing for me is the time that they have dinner in Valencia. In my country, we normally eat dinner at around 6pm, but here everyone eats at 8pm until around 10/11pm. This was a disaster for me!


7. Well that is definitely a big change, I can’t argue with that! So, let’s talk a bit more about Euroace and it’s courses. How would you describe the Spanish experience at EUROACE?

So far I’ve loved it, I mean I’ve done a lot of classes so far and I want to continue and learn more in each lesson. I really like the way the teachers plan their lessons and the lessons are very interactive!


8. We’re so glad you’re enjoying the course! Would you recommend EUROACE to people wanting to learn Spanish?

Yes, I would! I have met a lot of great people and I really get on with the teachers and all the team at EUROACE. I really like it!


It really was a pleasure to talk to Stacey, one of our current students, and find out her thoughts and opinions of both our school and Valencia.

If you’re interested in doing a course like Stacey, or any other of our Spanish courses then check out this link to our website.

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