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Top 5 reasons why group Spanish classes are the way to go!

If your Spanish learning experience is coming from duolingo and private study, then group classes may be what you’re looking for to revitalize your learning! Group courses enable you to follow a learning structure and review all essential parts of the language while practicing your skills with others. 

We’ve seen so many students go from absolute beginner to communicating effectively in Spanish. Group learning has always been a favorite for our students and here are the top 5 reasons why our students prefer learning Spanish alongside others



Probably one of the biggest reasons for joining a group course. Having a group that relies on you to be there definitely adds to your commitment and level of attendance. If it’s a private class and you are not feeling motivated, then you’re more likely to cancel. Where as on a group course, your classmates and your teacher are relying on you to be there! What’s more, if you make good friends with some of your classmates then even more of a reason to show up for them.


Meeting people

Usually our international students are in Valencia alone or don’t know hardly anybody in the city. Group courses enable internationals to meet people and connect with others in the same boat as them.

International Spanish schools attract students from all over the world and this means you will most definitely need to speak in your new language to get to know your classmates. It’s an awesome way to meet new people in your second language and an even greater incentive to improve and get to know your classmates better! Multicultural classrooms bring fresh ideas, different points of view, and lots of cultural learning too.


Interactive learning

Learning Spanish in a group environment means more interactive activities. Debates, role plays, and team games are some of the most fun exercises you can do when learning a new language! A group setting enables collaboration, teamwork and feeling as though you’re not in it alone!

We have seen at first hand how students forget they are learning and really enjoy the experience. Group learning is fun yet still driven towards Spanish learning success. Our students sometimes don’t realize it, but while they are busy responding to classmates’ ideas they are improving their communication abilities in Spanish with a diverse range of people.


More affordable

It’s no secret that group courses come at a cheaper rate. This works out best for most people who are combining their Spanish learning with other responsibilities such as work, family, studying etc. More affordable classes mean less pressure for some people while for others they mean learning Spanish weekly without having to fork out a big sum of money upfront.


Dynamic environment

Some students feel as though private classes are too intense, too boring, or just not animated enough. This is why they choose group courses. If studying Spanish is interactive, fun, and varied – you are more likely to want to go! Enjoyment and interest are key factors for language retention. Learning a language must be enjoyable so you stick at it and you improve, if not, you are more likely to give up, get frustrated, and delay your learning. Group classes provide all of these things and more!


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