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Custom Study Abroad Student Q&A!

Our student Tobias, from London – England, decided to embark on a Custom Study Abroad program and he has been with us at EUROACE since August!

Our Custom Study Abroad programs inlcude a wide range of services, which you can choose and combine in the way that suits you best!

His program includes several services and he has told us all about his experience! Read on to find out what a program of this type is like!


1. What does your program in Valencia include? How long is it?

The duration of my program is 2 and a half months, and it includes a Spanish course and a stay with a Spanish family. Moreover, I’ve taken part in a wide range of activities that EUROACE offers, and they are amazing and diverse!



2. What do you enjoy about Valencia the most?

For me, definitely the people! People here are so lovely and open.

The city is so beautiful as well. There are a lot of historical places to visit, the beaches are very nice, and the food is delicious. I personally love the paella and the seafood here. There are a lot of lovely food places!

It’s the whole vibe and atmosphere of the city which are fascinating!



3. What is your daily routine like? 

My daily routine changes quite a lot. I would say, normally, from Monday to Friday, I wake up at 8:30am. Here I wake up earlier because I’ve been embracing the experience as much as I can in the short time I’m here, and I want to make the most of it!

I have some breakfast in the morning, grab a coffee, then I come to EUROACE for my Spanish classes. After that, I usually stay a while in the open EUROACE space to continue studying Spanish by myself and review the concepts that we have already learned in class.

I love going to the beach, so I sometimes study at the beach. That’s the best part of living in Valencia, you can study at the beach!

After this, I return to my host family. They cook very nice food and I enjoy being with them. At night, we sometimes watch a movie!



4. How is the experience with your host family?

My experience is going very good. My host family, specifically, is very welcoming, they love to interact with me and I really appreciate it because I can practise my Spanish a lot!

They only speak Spanish with me, which is good, because the main reason for me to come to Valencia was to practise my Spanish, so it is perfect. I get the opportunity to speak about everything that is happening in my trip, all in Spanish!



5. How is your experience in the classes at EUROACE going so far?

My experience at EUROACE is going very well. Everyone is very welcoming. At first, I was quite nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, but I wouldn’t change anything about the experience.

The teachers are amazing. If you really want to take your Spanish seriously and focus on developing your skills, the teachers will help you with your specific needs!

The lessons are very clear, which is great, and the environment is very nice. The school itself is very friendly and beautiful!


6. What are the main cultural differences between your country and Spain?

There are a lot of cultural differences!

Especially the lifestyle and the timings are very different. At 8pm-9pm, here you see children playing, people going out for dinner, etc.; whereas in the U.K. at that time people are staying in their houses, ready to sleep. People here eat very late!



7. Does this program live up to your expectations?


I didn’t necessarily have any big expectations before coming here. However, from what I’ve experienced so far, everything has been so nice so in that sense, I would say my expectations have been fulfilled, even I didn’t have any!


8. Would you recommend Valencia as a destination to learn Spanish?

Yes! I would recommend it 100%. Valencia is great because there are so many different Spanish speaking people here, from all parts. So, regardless of the Spanish you are trying to learn, you can meet people and speak different dialects, and it is a very nice place to speak with people and practise your Spanish!



9. Would you recommend a EUROACE program to your relatives and friends?

Yes, definitely! I think it is a very good experience. If you like the idea of learning a new language in a nice environment and in a beautiful city, the best place is: EUROACE!


Thank you for your time Tobias, it was a pleasure having you!

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