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5 Top Museums in Valencia!

Are you a museum person? If you are in Valencia, you are in the perfect place! The city of Valencia has plenty of museums and of all kinds. Whether you are into art, history or you want to get to know the culture of the city, there are museums for all tastes! Read on to check out our 5 top museum recommendations in Valencia!



CCCC, or also known as «Centro del Carmen de Cultura Contemporánea», is a cultural center located in the historical neighborhood of El Carmen. What is special about this place? The building was a convent, which has been recently restored and transformed into a cultural center!

You will never get bored of visiting the interior, as it has different exhibitions every time. Nevertheless, two main topics can be found among all the exhibitions: contemporary art and regional art. So it is an interesting place to enjoy many different displays on the new tendencies and discourses in art, and discover the work of the most prominent (recent and old) Valencian artists.



IVAM translates to L’Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (in the Valencian language). In Spanish, El Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno, it is the most important institution of modern and contemporary art in the city of Valencia. The building holds both temporary and permanent exhibitions. You will find many displays of important Spanish artists!

As a center of exhibition and study, the IVAM tries to make us reflect, with their displays, on the ideas and the aesthetic discourses that have appeared in the art world from the avant-garde period until the most recent contemporary times. A visit to this center is a perfect choice for those who don’t like art just for its beauty, but also because of its discursiveness. Moreover, apart from the different exhibitions, the IVAM also hosts conferences and different events in the fields of culture and arts.

  • Entrance: Free on Wednsesdays from 4pm to 7pm and Sundays all day / Rest of the days: 5€ fee / Mondays closed
  • Address: C/ de Guillem de Castro, 118
  • Website:


3. MuVIM

The Muvim is the «Museu Valencià de la Il·lustració i la Modernitat», translated to Spanish as «El Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad». It was created in 2001 as a space to host two main concepts: the illustration period and the influences of this enlightened age in the present.  Nowadays, this institution includes a variety of exhibitions related to different forms of art that escape from the traditional concept of fine arts. It hosts various shows about photography, design, advertisement, cooking, music… and some other daily life topics. It is an interesting way to discover a more popular art, closer to the different elements that form part of our context.

It is located in a very lively area, so it is a must do in your stay in Valencia!

  • Entrance: Free on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
  • Address:  C/Quevedo, 10
  • Website:


4. Museo Etnológico de Valencia

We really want to recommend this one because it shows the traditions, customs and ways of living of Valencia and its people. It is the museum in charge of collecting, researching and sharing different manifestations that explain the Valencian culture. In addition, it was awarded a few months ago as the best museum in Europe due to its positive impact on the region!

If you are in Valencia and you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, you can’t miss this visit. Every display and exhibition is very interactive through images, videos and recreational activities. With the ticket to this museum, you can also visit the MUVIM and the Museum of Prehistory, which are next to it!

  • Entrance: Free during weekends (Saturday and Sunday) / Tuesdays to Fridays: €2
  • Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 8pm
  • Address: C/Corona, 36
  • Website:


5. Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia

This is the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia! It stands out for gathering many pieces of medieval art from different churches and convents from all around the region, and also diverse artworks of some of the most prominent painters from the Baroque and Renaissance periods, like Van Dyck or Goya. Also, this museum offers an exploration of the art and the life of one of the most remarkable Valencian painters: Joaquín Sorolla. This painter has his own room, where 42 of his pieces are displayed to show the peculiarities of his art and his career.


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