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Today we got the chance to talk to our outstanding Spanish student Yuri, who told us all about his experience at EUROACE!


1. Had you already studied Spanish in your home country, or did you start here as a total beginner?

I did study Spanish for two years during university but I didn’t learn at all, for me it was like any other subject. I just learned a few words but I really started when I came here!


2. Why did you choose Valencia as your destination to study Spanish?

I just liked the city, I find the size of the city fascinating, not very big and not very small, and it is beautiful!

Also, because of the expenses, it’s easier for a person who wants to move to Spain to settle in a city like Valencia, compared to the big ones such as Madrid or Barcelona. That’s the main reason!


3. That’s completely true! And how did you find EUROACE? 

I searched for different options in Valencia to learn Spanish, and I found EUROACE among others. The truth is the central location of the school and the affordable prices made my decision crystal clear, and here we are, after 6 months already!


4. Let’s talk about your Spanish program! How many Spanish classes do you have per week?

I have an intensive program, which is 20 hours per week. At first it was difficult to keep up with all the new information, but in EUROACE teachers encourage students to continuously talk, so the learning, even if you don’t notice it at the moment, it is very fast and effective!


5. How is the experience going so far?

I find it difficult to find the right words, because I feel blessed! I came here without any expectations, as if it was going to be like any other class I had before: go to class, do some exercises, homework, etc.

Here it has been different from the first day because of the methodology of teaching, which is very untraditional. People here speak, ask you questions and value your opinion! I feel like my motivation for learning Spanish appeared not before I started the classes, but during the classes, and increased during my time here.

What I found here is much more than just a school!


6. What do you think about the teachers of EUROACE? 

Honestly, I feel very connected with each teacher. They are my teachers, but they also are my friends!

Every teacher here has a personal approach to everyone, they treat every person in the same way and they care about every single student. The teachers here at EUROACE love what they are doing!

I am grateful to all of them. They are so different in many aspects but at the same time you can be yourself with them, you don’t have to pretend at all, they will always accept you, the way you are. Teachers here help you to be yourself!


7. How would you describe the Spanish experience at EUROACE?

My experience at Euroace has been so nice because I didn’t have any expectations before coming, and now I have found so many nice things that I would describe my Spanish experience as: SUPERB!

I couldn’t ask for anything better.


8. Is the city of Valencia what you expected? What do you like the most about living here?

There is a good quality of life, it fully satisfies my needs in all the possible aspects. It’s a very good city to live in.

I love the greenness of Valencia. There are a lot of trees and green spaces!

I would definitely highlight the people. The majority of people are very polite, kind, empathetic and helpful. I feel they would always help you if they see you need help!


9. Do you get to interact with locals?

I would love to interact more but it is difficult with the language barrier. However, it is nice to see how people here support you, they understand that you don’t speak the language and they start to speak slower, or use their hands. People feel no burden to help the others and I really appreciate it!


10. Does the program live up to your expectations?

Yeah, absolutely! I can not think of anything negative.


11. Would you recommend a EUROACE Spanish program to your relatives and friends?

Yes! Actually, I have already recommended it to some friends.


Thank you for your time Yuri, it was a pleasure having you!

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