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Spanish student Q&A

Today we got the chance to talk to our lovely Spanish student Yuliia, who told us more about her experience at Euroace!


1. Did you already study Spanish in your home country or did you start here as a total beginner?

I tried to study the basics before coming, but it wasn’t too serious, so I can say I started here as a total beginner!


2. Why did you decide to learn Spanish abroad?

I was in love with the idea of coming to Spain many years ago, and I was pretty excited to learn the language where people actually speak it, because I think it’s more effective!


3. Why did you choose Valencia as your destination to study Spanish?

I just wanted to find a city, not that big, but interesting, and I think Valencia is a great option because there are many activities, festivals and things to do!

Moreover, it’s near the sea, and I love it!


4. How many Spanish classes do you have per week?

I have 20 hours per week, 4 hours every day!


5. Wow, the intensive course! How is the experience going so far?

I would say fascinating! I met many interesting people that are now my friends and the quality of studying is amazing.

Every lesson is very bright in many activities, games, conversations, etc.

The teachers are amazing, and all the people who work here!


6. What’s your daily routine like?

I go to Spanish lessons, and after that, I usually go to the beach, as I love to spend time near the sea or just walk around the city.

I like going to parks and in Valencia there are a lot of green areas!

I’m also an art person so I enjoy going to museums and galleries.


7. How would you describe the Spanish experience at EUROACE?

I would describe it as successful! I started the classes at an A2 level and now I’m at B2 level!

The teachers are awesome! They’re funny and they try to do many activities in the class and make the classes interactive.

About my mates, I feel very lucky to have met my group, because now I have amazing friends to spend time with.


8. Is the city of Valencia what you expected? 

It’s more than I could expect!

I came to visit the city two years ago for the first time in my life, and I loved it so much that I was crying when I had to go back.

Now I’ve been here for almost 5 months and I feel like home. I’m so happy here!


9. What do you like the most about living here?

The freedom of mind!

People are not constantly thinking what other people think, they just do what they love. That’s the most amazing thing here for me!

People are very open-minded, talkative, and you can discuss anything you want with them. I just have the feeling that people here love and support each other, even if you just met the person! In a few words: «people know how to smile«.


10. Do you get to practice Spanish outside the classroom too?

I try, but it’s not that easy!

Speaking with my friends is easier because I know their accents and their level, so I know what words to use to understand them, and what words they use so I can understand.

Talking with people outside the school is way more difficult! I realized that Spanish people barely speak English, young people do, but it’s very rare to find older people who can.

Anyway, I try to put all the effort into speaking Spanish, especially when I have to face situations such as going to the city hall for documentation issues! That’s the perfect chance to improve your Spanish.


11. What’s your favorite part of studying Spanish abroad?

I don’t have a favorite part, because I love all the parts!

I like mainly how the classes are approached in a very practical way, we talk a lot and that is the best way to learn a language!


12. Would you recommend a EUROACE Spanish program to your relatives and friends?

Yes! I have already recommended it to two friends, and my mother is coming soon and she would like to study Spanish as well and of course I know the perfect place for that!


Thank you for your time Yuliia, it was amazing to speak with you today!

If you would like to take a Spanish course as Yuliia is doing, just click here for more info.

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