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The night of San Juan!

On June 24th Valencia has a new public holiday. Do you know what it is about? 

La noche de San Juan!

Read on to learn about the magical night of Valencia.

All about San Juan

The night of San Juan takes place from June 23rd to June 24th and it is one of the most exciting moments of the year in Valencia. Why?

It is said that the night of San Juan is the shortest night of the year, thus the longest day. This way, it is the official celebration to welcome the summer!

To celebrate the start of the season, the festivity could not be in any other place but the beach! Thus, the typical activity to do in San Juan is go to the beach during the evening with family and friends.

People usually go with groups and make bonfires on the sand, where they have dinner bringing their own food and drinks while sitting around it. Note that it’s the only night when the authorities allow you to make a fire on the beach.

This is not all! The night of San Juan comes with some special traditions which make it a unique celebration. It’s part of the tradition to go into the sea at midnight and jump over seven waves while you make a wish in doing so. However, some people prefer to jump over the fire seven times, and to make a wish after midnight. All in all, the best thing about San Juan is to have fun and share this celebration with family and friends. Some people even decide to go for a swim!


San Juan in Valencia

La noche de San Juan is celebrated in different parts of Spain, and Valencia of course is part of it!

To help the celebration, the local government gives out between 20 and 35 tonnes of firewood, from 6pm to 9pm, for the attendees to use.

If you want to get involved in this special tradition, we must warn you that not all beaches are open to bonfires. To prevent fires in the natural park of La Dehesa, bonfires and fireworks are banned in Playa del Saler, Pinedo and El Perellonet.

The most visited beaches, where the big celebration happens, are the beaches of Malvarrosa and El Cabanyal, so make sure you pay a visit to these during the evening!

If you prefer to stay in the city and you’re not a big fan of fires, don’t worry – the city is full of parties with live music and DJ’s in most neighborhoods, so there’s something for everyone!

A reminder that if you are taking part in the festivities, do so responsibly, and remember to look out for those you are with.


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