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Spanish student Q&A

Today we got the chance to talk to one of our long term Spanish students, Anthony, who told us more about his experience at Euroace!


1. Anthony, had you studied Spanish before or did you start here as a total beginner?

I started here as a total beginner. I never studied Spanish before!


2. Tell me about your Spanish program.

I started my Spanish classes on October 22nd last year, a long time already!

Since then I’ve had 2 hours every morning (9am – 11am), Monday to Friday. 


3. And tell me, how is the experience going so far?

I’m enjoying it, the atmosphere is really good!

Especially the teachers here, they make the difference, I love them!


4. That’s amazing to hear! And tell me a bit about your daily routine, what’s it like?

Every day I wake up, go to my 2 hour Spanish class, and then I normally go home and study Spanish or do homework if I need to, and also study for my business course. Also, I would like to start working here, so I take some time every day to just think of options and research this. 


5. How would you describe the Spanish experience at Euroace?

I really enjoy every class, the teachers and my classmates. The students here, they actually speak English, but we do all try to keep up with Spanish even when the class is finished!  It is amazing to share this experience with all my classmates, because we make the most of it in every class to learn, and the good atmosphere makes it easier and faster than any other option.


6. Do you get to practice Spanish outside the classroom too?

I definitely try to put my Spanish into practice in my daily activities, for example when I do my grocery shopping. I also try to watch some TV programs, films or series in Spanish, for example I watched “La casa de papel» and I liked it!  But I’ll admit it is sometimes difficult to find something that I like in Spanish! 


7. That’s a good way to keep up with Spanish after your classes! Let’s talk now about living in Valencia. Is the city what you expected? 

To be honest, Valencia is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. I feel really lucky to be here, there’s a lot of stuff to do all the time and activities to join, the weather is fantastic, what more can I ask for? 


8. What do you like the most about living here?

I love for example the food, but what I love the most is the atmosphere in the city. You go walking and you see people everywhere doing different sports and outdoor activities and it feels so good. You can find for example people doing yoga, or playing some music, and that is amazing to see! The city feels so alive.


9. How long are you planning to stay in Valencia?

I would love to live here. My plan is to look for a job and try to settle here. I love my life here and I would definitely like to stay!


10. Do you try to interact with locals? 

I do try! For example, I have a good relationship with my neighbors, and sometimes we play sports together and that’s fun. 


10. What’s your favorite part of studying Spanish abroad?

I think it is just way more natural. It is the perfect way to learn faster and more effectively. For me, I couldn’t speak any Spanish when I arrived, and my Spanish is not perfect but I can understand way more than if I would have stayed in France.


11. Does the Spanish program live up to your expectations? 

I don’t know what I expected, to be fair, but I’m so happy to be here! I appreciate how teachers are not just working, they really want to help you. Every teacher has something unique and I really enjoy it! I’m more than happy with this experience.


12. Would you recommend a Euroace Spanish program to your relatives and friends?

Yes, absolutely. Studying Spanish at Euroace, while being in Valencia, that’s a complete win-win! I would recommend this experience to anyone who is willing to study Spanish abroad!


Thanks for the insights Anthony!

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