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5 ways to get ready for your Gap Year!

What should you take into account when considering a gap year? Preparing beforehand will give you the confidence you need to embark on this challenging adventure, and we’re here to help you out!

While preparing for your gap year, consider the following tips:


Why take a year out?

In the first stage it’s important to identify the push factors which lead you to make the decision. What stage of life are you in? Why do it now? What are you hoping to get out of the experience? It totally depends on the person and their circumstances. It could be that you’re unsure what you want to study, just need a break, want to acquire some skills, gain experience in another country, or simply want to live the adventure of leaving your comfort zone! Everything is a valid reason, just find your reason!


Figure out what you want

A gap year is that time in life when you fully open yourself to live new adventures as you’ve never done before. Doing a volunteer program, working abroad, living with a local host family or learning a new language are just some options, but the truth is there are as many gap year varieties as there are people willing to do them! Get some time to yourself and reflect on what really moves you. What experiences would you like to live? Why not make a list and prioritize them? This will make it easier to look for options accordingly.


Do your research and get some inspiration

Once you know your gap year idea, it’s time to move forward and ask yourself the essentials: Where? How long? This is the stage where you should do your research and find the available programs in your favorite destinations. Make a long list, and then a short list if you’re having trouble narrowing down. This will help you to pin down your options and be closer to the final choice!

And of course, if you are considering a gap year in Spain, Valencia is a very popular location for international students on the east coast!


Get advice

Taking into account other peoples’ experiences is part of the process and will definitely be helpful in your decision! If you find an interesting program, try to get in touch with people who already have taken part in it, and check out the institution’s social media pages for insight into the experience. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask directly to the institution. Have everything crystal clear before you choose! Discuss your ideas further with parents, teachers, friends, and if needed, a career adviser.


Get on with it!

Once you have chosen the program for your gap aear, it’s time to get ready. Although this may require a bit of paperwork and organization, it’s a necessary process which will ensure you have everything ready to start the adventure! Keep updated on the regulations of the country you’re going to and also stay in contact with the institution, to make sure that you have all the documentation needed and everything prepared in advance. This is the starting point of your once in a lifetime experience!


If you’re planning to come to Spain, why not take a gap year? Here at EUROACE we offer flexible options for our students to mix and match services, to create the perfect gap year experience. Find out more about them here.


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