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Spring is here!

Spring has officially sprung! The sun is shining, the leaves on the trees are returning, and the beautiful blossom across the city is back! So, are you ready to enjoy this spectacular time in Valencia? We’ll tell you some great ways to do so below!


Enjoy the green areas

In Valencia there are many urban parks and green areas where you can spend time surrounded by the natural beauty of the city. Jardín del Turia, Jardines de Viveros, Parque de Cabecera and Jardines de Monforte are such amazing locations to walk along or ride a bike while you enjoy the lovely weather and nature. Why not go and have a picnic there? It’s a perfect spring plan!


Make the most of the sun shining

During springtime the weather is fantastic. It’s the time to head down to the beach and spend the day there – the water may be cold, but people are still swimming! You will see a lot of outdoor activities taking place during this time: surfing, sailing, beach volleyball,  stand up paddle, windsurfing, dance groups and much more. But even if you don’t swim or take part in the activities, simply walking along the coast in the sun is a wonderful way to pass the time.

It may be an opportunity to visit other beaches in the region! Either by car or taking the train it’s so easy to reach beautiful coastal locations such as Gandia, Cullera or Peñíscola and spend a day out in these amazing locations.


Local traditions

When you go to the beach in Valencia during springtime, you will often see people taking part in a traditional pastime: flying kites! If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, this is a great way. Locals say: “Empinar el cachirulo”, which means «fly the kite» in Valenciano, the local language.

Valencia also loves to celebrate Easter. Have you heard of “La mona de Pascua”? Another must-do during this time in Valencia is going to a park to eat this famous Easter pastry, which is a sweet cake served with a boiled or chocolate egg in the middle. It’s delicious!


Events in the city

We recommend you to head down to el «Jardín del Turia» to enjoy the so-called «Mostra Proava: Muestra de Vino y alimentos de la Comunidad Valenciana», translated as, «Food and Wine fair of the Valencian region», which starts today and lasts until next Monday! If you are passionate about gastronomy, this is your chance to taste all the different flavours the Mediterranean diet has to offer, with a great display including: wine, beer, the famous Spanish «embutido», cheeses, etc.

We also have a spring celebration called «La fiesta de la primavera a la Marina de València», and it’s taking place this Saturday 15th April in the harbour area. Be sure to take part in some of the great events, such as gastronomy displays, concerts, and a culminating fireworks display at 9:30pm.


Escape to nature

It’s very common to enjoy the springtime by escaping from the daily routine and visiting other parts of the region. Locals usually plan day trips in nearby nature reserves or parks. It’s a perfect way to spend a lovely time with friends and relatives!

It may be the chance to visit the outskirts of the city and head inland to charming towns such as Requena, Xátiva, Bocairent, Morella, etc.

A very typical plan is to spend a day out in the Albufera, where there is a wide range of activities, like taking a boat to see the sunset, or eaingt the authentic «Paella Valenciana» surrounded by nature.


Valencia during springtime is all about revival, renewal, and joy!

Be sure to get involved by taking part in some of the activities above!


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