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5 reasons you should go abroad for an internship

If you’re looking for an internship, why not do it abroad? Read on to find out why it could be a life changing experience for you!


1. Get to know another city

It’s time to leave your comfort zone! Taking your internship abroad is the perfect chance to discover another city and enjoy all everything it brings: a new culture, language, customs, people, etc. You get to travel and enjoy new adventures while getting work experience at the same time. What could be better?


2. Personal & professional growth

The day to day challenges of living and working abroad will strongly help you to strengthen your personal and professional skills. The rewards will be enormous; helping you to gain skills such as self-confidence, communication, and adaptability. You will not only be living in a new country, you will also have the experience of working in a foreign job market. This can open your mind to new perspectives and methods of working in your field. It’s a win win!


3. Boost your career opportunities

Getting work experience in another country means expanding your career opportunities! You’ll be able to figure out what really matters to you, what you’re good at and what skills need improvement. Interning gives you valuable skills and opportunities that interning at home can’t. You will gain a competitive advantage which will foster your career development.

4. Develop a global network

Interning abroad may be the starting point of broadening your contacts and establishing long lasting relationships worldwide. Who knows what can happen in the future? By interning abroad you’ll cultivate a community of international colleagues and professionals that you may be able to reach out to for years to come. In the professional world, you can’t underestimate the power of contacts on an international scale!


5. Improve your language skills

If you’re willing to learn a language, then doing an internship abroad is the perfect way to use the language in a real work environment and put into practice your speaking and listening skills. Working in a foreign job market will definitely have a positive impact on your language proficiency. Make the most of being in a new country to fully immerse in it!


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