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Fallas 2023: Main events you won’t want to miss!

As the city officials shouted “Ja estem en Falles!” in “La Cridà” on February 26th, the Fallas festival officially began. You have probably already enjoyed the “Mascletà” at the town hall square and the many churros stands lining the streets!

But the main days of Fallas are yet to come. The main events will take place this week and we want to make sure that you don’t miss a single thing!


Wednesday 15th March

The main week of Fallas starts tomorrow with the so called “La Plantà” at 8am. This is the part where all the artistic monuments representing every “Falla” (neighborhood group) are put up across the city. You should know that every Falla has a big monument and a small one (which are entered as part of adult’s and children’s competitions).

At 5:30pm the “Proclamació dels Ninots Indultats” will take place, translated as the «announcement of the pardoned ninots”. Do you know what ninots are? They are simply the different figures that make up the monument. The monument is made up of many ninots and every year the best are chosen to be saved from the flames, which are then called the  “Ninots indultats”.

To end the day, an amazing fireworks display will take place at midnight in the main square, called “L’Albà de les Falles”!


Thursday 16th March

The “Plantà” must be finished at 8am on Thursday! This means on Thursday morning all the Fallas in Valencia will be ready to go and this is the perfect time to take a tour and visit them all (plus don’t forget to end the tour eating some «churros con chocolate»!)

All the Fallas monuments are part of a competition, except the ones put up by the city hall, and voting is completed by Thursday.

At 4:30pm on Thursday city officials will crown the winners of  the children’s competition, taking place in the town hall square. It’s exciting to see how important this moment is for local people!

At midnight there will be another huge fireworks show in «Palau de les Arts». It’s definitely a must-see during Fallas!


Friday 17th March

On Friday at 9:30am city officials will crown the winners of the big Fallas competition!

At 3:30pm the “Ofrenda de Flores” takes place which translates to “The flower offering”. This is a religious event which consists of every falla (group) walking to the “La Plaza de la Virgen” to present flowers to the virgin. You’ll see parades of falleros and falleras walking the streets in traditional clothing with traditional music playing.

At 1am on Friday evening there will be yet another fireworks show in «Palau de les Arts». Every night gets more exciting!


Saturday 18th March

The biggest highlight on Saturday 18th is the awaited “La Nit del Foc” which is known as the “Night of Fire”, the greatest and most impressive fireworks show of the festival. Taking place at 1am at «Palau de les Arts». If you enjoy fireworks, this is definitely the perfect plan for you!


Sunday 19th March

The last day of Fallas is a sad but exciting day at the same time! Local people live this day to the fullest!

Don’t miss the “Cabalgata del Fuego” a.k.a “Parade of  Fire” at 6pm. The show is filled with light, acrobatics and sound, representing the beginning of the end to say goodbye to our beloved Fallas. It will start in Ruzafa and make its way down Colón street to Puerta del Mar.

After the event the most exciting part of the Fallas will start! Have you heard of la “Cremà”? This is the burning of the Fallas. Check out the different schedules here:

At 8pm the Cremà will start for the children’s Fallas only.
At 9pm the “Cremà” of the small falla in the main square will take place.
At 10pm the big Fallas will be burnt!
At 11pm only one Falla will be left: the big one in the main square!

Remember only the “Ninots Indultats” will be the ones remaining and won’t be burnt!

This moment will take your breath away, as it’s the culmination of the festivial. Valencian’s have mixed feelings as they are excited to see the Cremà but sad to see the end of the festival .


With good weather here and all the events ready to go, let’s celebrate Fallas 2023 and make the most of it!

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