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Keep up with your Spanish after class!

There are so many ways to keep on practicing your Spanish after class has finished. Read on to find out how new day to day habits could make the difference in your learning!


Join language exchange nights

Going to a language exchange is a great way to keep up with your Spanish after class. It’s the perfect way to learn while enjoying meeting new people at the same time. The informal and friendly environment will boost your speaking skills and mean that you are learning without even realising it!

St. Patrick’s pub in Valencia hosts this activity on Mondays (20:00-21:30), Tuesdays and Fridays (19:00-20:30). You can’t miss it!


Live with Spanish people

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Valencia, one of the best options may be sharing a flat with Spanish people or living with a host family. It will definitely help you to get to the next level with your Spanish!

Living with local people will give you the perfect chance to constantly practice in a relaxed and welcoming environment. You can also join their outings and get involved with their daily routines to learn Spanish on the go.


Every day life

Try to avoid internationally renowned chains and look for Spanish shops and restaurants. Make your day to day activities – such as grocery shopping – a way to speak Spanish with locals! It’s a great way to observe how locals interact and put into practice what you learn in class in the real world.


Take part in cultural activities

Try to be up to date on events and activities taking place in the city and immerse yourself in the culture! Go to the cinema and watch Spanish films, visit the theater, view exhibitions at museums, or enjoy a Spanish concert.

Spend your free time enjoying Valencia while improving your Spanish at the same time! Valencia is a perfect destination as it offers a wide cultural scene covering many areas of art, history and music. It’s your chance to make the most of it!

A reminder that Euroace offers unique cultural activities for students to participate in during their time here. Ask us for more details!


Enjoy your hobbies in Spanish

Keep enjoying your hobbies but in Spanish! Reading Spanish books or listening to Spanish songs is a great way to help you keep in touch with the language. It’s also a chance to learn specific vocabulary on topics that you enjoy. If you like playing sports, why not join a Spanish club or team? This could really help to boost your Spanish social skills and language progression.


Take the opportunity while you’re in Valencia to fully optimize your learning!

What are you waiting for?

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