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5 benefits of staying with a host family

Have you ever considered staying with a host family?

If you haven’t, read more to find out why it could be a great option for your next adventure. It’s definitely one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture!


Live like a local

Learn how locals live and how it really feels to be part of a Spanish family. Staying with a local family means you get to experience more than a typical tourist – learning customs, visiting places that are not mentioned in the guide books and more!


Enjoy traditional & homemade recipes

Learn at first-hand local recipes and homemade dishes while you’re with a host family! It’s the perfect chance to learn about the local gastronomy, what families eat, and the eating timetables they have. You’ll probably experience how Spanish families usually eat late and how they eat so little for breakfast. You may be surprised!


Practice your Spanish skills

Learn how the locals use the language in real life situations. You’ll learn lots of expressions and vocab that you may not find in your study books. It’s definitely the best way to learn a language, as you will be constantly practicing in a welcoming environment, helping you to feel more relaxed and confident. It’s fascinating how fast you can improve this way!


Home away from home

In a certain way, a host family will make you feel like you have a home away from home. It’s the perfect option to keep enjoying those home comforts: home cooking, comfortable living and a family around you.


Long-term relationship

Living with a host family is the perfect way to meet new people and form long lasting friendships and connections. If you remain in contact with the family, it can be a reason to visit again and again in the future. It will feel like having a second family waiting for you in Spain!


If you’re planning to come to Spain – to study, work or take an internship – staying with a host family may be an awesome option to consider. Click here to find out more about our host family accommodation!

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