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Explore the beautiful town of Requena!

On our next trip we’re heading to Requena! Requena is a well-known site of history, wines and artesanal products such as cheeses and cured meats.  It’s the home of the Spanish «embutido». Have you heard this word before? If not, you have so much to discover about this town!


Background of Requena

Requena is an inland Spanish town located in the region of Utiel-Requena, in the Province of Valencia. You will feel you have gone back in time when you walk through the streets and neighborhoods of this ancient city, which is surrounded by defensive walls. This quaint and charming town is full of palaces, towers and churches that can be enjoyed during your visit.

The town is well-known for its history – in fact, it was declared an historic and artistic conservation area in 1966. Must-sees in the town include the San Nicolás church, the Casa Mayor del Arte de la Seda (silk art gallery), the Palacio del Cid (El Cid Palace), the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo «Florencio de la Fuente» (contemporary art gallery), the Jewish quarter, and the Cuevas de la Villa. In the heart of the centre you will also find the Plaza de la Villa, which is currently known as Plaza de Albornoz.

Another famous site is the Torre del Homenaje. This was originally used as a surveillance tower, and later a prison. Nowadays it is an information centre, where you can find out about the town’s history through information panels and audiovisual displays.


Our trip

Requena stands out for its gastronomy, and it’s famous for its artesanal products. Are you interested in trying them? We have the perfect plan for you! On the 11th of February, we’ll be heading to the Muestra Embutido y Vino de Requena, or the Food and Wine Fair of Requena, one of the most recognized festivities in the region. A wide variety of typical dishes and local products of Requena will be displayed for attendees to enjoy. Euroace has organized a trip to this special event, including a train ride and visit to the town, entry to the Food and Wine Fair including numerous tastings, as well as a visit to the Requena Museum.


Are you ready to have a remarkable Spanish gastronomic experience? Join us!


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